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We are an expert team of web application development professionals (developers, design, ui/ux, analysts). We believe the right software solution is found through an iterative process where working software is delivered to real users in days-to-weeks, not months to years, and continuous improvements are made based on their feedback. We value teamwork, honest communication, healthy conflict and continuous improvement. We believe in win-win relationships with our customers and are willing to walk away if we can't maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our customers are companies who are trying to solve a complex problem with custom software as a major component of the solution. They are ambitious and experts in their industry, but they are not experts in technology. They recognize that they dont know the end solution and they need a partner who can guide them through the risk of developing the wrong solution without spending their entire budget. We are great at mitigating this risk by breaking large problems into smaller problems and iterating on the solution to find what the market needs. Sometimes this may mean we discover the problem cant be easily solved with software alone, or the customer's business model needs to be adjusted. We find this out as quickly as possible rather by delivering real software to end users fast instead of building a large, complex piece of software that solves the wrong problem.

Our customers are either startups seeking a software partner or enterprise companies looking for a team who can improve their internal processes by providing custom line of business applications. Our customers have an overall budget ~$100k or more with a $5-10k+ monthly spend.


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Target Audience

Audience 1: Startups

They have a really strong vision of what the problem is and they believe it can be solved with software as a major part of the solution. They do not know exactly what the right software solution will be and need a partner to help guide them. They recognize that building custom software is risky because you can develop the wrong features for the market and never recapture that budget. They are good at prioritization (not trying to service every possible market and say yes to every feature). The problems they are trying to solve have a degree of complexity that means that existing solutions are inadequate or they have built a prototype using an out-of-the box solution and it is starting to fail because of performance issues, problems developing new features due to bugs or constraints of the platform, etc. and need a custom solution.

Audience 2: Enterprise Businesses

They have internal processes that can be improved through the development of custom line of business software. They are not software companies. They are seeking to automate existing workflows or improve employee experience of doing their job through software.

Creative should NOT use

The big idea we'd love for the name to communicate is continuous improvement together. As a team we are always pushing each other to improve through honest feedback. We are striving to constantly improve the software we build by working with real users to get their feedback. Continuous improvement together. This doesnt have to be literally apparent from the name (although it would be fine if it is) but we would like for the name to symbolize/reference this so we can know internally it represents this and be able to explain that to customers.

We are also open to other ideas about what the name should mean but the core values are continuous improvement, mutually beneficial partnerships, high performing experienced team and fast time to market


Experienced, Confident, warm/approachable/open, Considerate, Pragmatic (not dogmatic)

Top 3 Things

Continuous Improvement / Iteration
Teamwork / Partnership
Excellence / Experience / High Performance / Efficiency



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