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About Your Company

We are an environmental consulting company, focusing on:
> Wetland restoration and assessments on farm land,
> Remediation and Reclamation assessments (Bringing the land back to how it was historically before human development),
> Soil assessments- (determining the type of soil and if it can grow vegetation, if its saline or acidic, clay and silt compounds, if the soil is compacted, in soils there are different types of horizons so Horizon in the company name could work?)
> Plant / Native Vegetation assessments mainly grassland / prairie areas
> Oil and gas site assessments. - Pump jacks, well heads, pipelines

The majority of work will be in Southern Alberta Foothills area. This area is generally a foothills, rolling topography, native grass land, pasture, ranching area, with chernozemic soil which is good for crop production.

Wheat Sheaf's mean allot to me, and I would like those incorporated in the logo if possible. Hawks are also significant, if it was incorporated in a small way that would be nice.

I would like the logo and company name to be focused on the land instead of the sky, (as the assessments are primarily land use assessments).

I also conduct First Nation Land Use/ Archaeology assessments, so if there was a historic Indian name for a plant or wetland or water body or something that could be incorporated. (this isn't necessary, but a thought) - ie: Arrow head, buffalo jump,

I have found it hard thus far to come up with a company name. I would like something earthy that relates to the area/location we work and company focus we are in.

What ever the company name is, I would like it to be be ____"blank"____ Environmental or ___ "blank" Land and Environmental

The foothills border the rocky mountains, so while i don't want the focus to be mountains, mountains could be in the back ground?

Key words
Wheat Sheaf
Prairie Roots
Native Prairie
Grass Land
West Country / Land
______ Land and Environmental


URL required
Target Audience

Age: 25- 70, Gender Neutral
Southern Alberta - Prairie region
Income: Oil and Gas industry and Ranching industry, bids ranging from: $100,000 -500,000
Occupation: Oil and Gas and Ranching / Farming
Industry: Environmental Land Assesments

Creative should NOT use

Professional, but approachable to the construction, oil and gas and Agriculture industry.


Environmental Professionals, Environmental Stewardship

Top 3 Things

Earthy, Historic/Native, Grassland/Prairie, Foothills

Additional Info

I found other logos and names that I liked. I have uploaded them to the share files page.

The first image which is circular just with graphics, I liked the idea, but to incorporate more of my key words, like wheat sheafs, hawk, alberta/foothills, pasture/ranchland, trees and wetlands etc.

The second image (cover creek) I like the company name as a creek or a water body. I like the tree and mountain components.

The third image, I love the coyote as the stump of the tree.

The forth image, Water Watch, I like that the water body is incorprated into the mountains, and is simple. I would like to see the wheat and hawk component in it and maybe a silhouette of a pump jack?

Wild Solutions - I like the word wild - ie: Wild Rose, or a nother type of plant with the word wild in it. I would like to focus on plants native or in Southern Alberta.



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