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We are a cookware manufacturer and we are launching a new product line. So we are looking for a new name for this line. Our target is the person who cooks but is not a cook. They are looking for fashion products that are easy to use and a great value. We sale in Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and TJMaxx


Target Audience

Target customer is 25-45, cooks but not a cook, focused on visual aesthetics, and ease in clean-up and prep. Perceived value is the biggest key component for her.

Creative should NOT use

Just so everyone knows what I am looking for...I need a new name for a hot new product line we are intorducing. These are the things you need to know that set us apart from others in the industry. 1. Induction bottoms on all pans. 2. Enamel coating in great trend right colors. 3. Pans are thinker and higher quality than others at the same price. 4. Non-toxic, "green" ceramic non-stick coating. 5. Integrated handles. This means the handle was forged with the pan, so no rivets holding the handle on.
All this said I need a catchy name for the new line. the brand name is Chef D'oeuvres, so keep in mind when coming up with ideas. I want things to follow.


Providing the new technology at a value to the customer. Quality

Top 3 Things

induction, non-toxic ceramic non-stick, trend right enamel colors



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