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Software & Technology

About Your Company

We sell B2B. We are offering an HRMS/Payroll software, time clock, CRM, VOIP voice, Insurance management, merchant services (the list goes on) to businesses of any size (non too small). We are different because if a company gets their insurance (Workers' Compensation, employee benefits, General Liability, Construction bonds) from us we discount the cost of the software - sometimes offer it for free. Similar to a company called zenefits.com. If you get your employee benefits from them their payroll software is free.


Current Website
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  • .com

Target Audience

My audience is business owners. Sometimes business owners, HR Directors, CFOs, Controllers. Those who make decisions on payroll and insurance solutions.

  • www.workday.com

    This company focuses only on the technology side of things but I want to offer what they do and instead of paying a huge bill you get your insurance through us and offset the cost.

  • www.ioausa.com

    This is a great company. They started as a pure insurance agency and added additional services and technology.

  • www.zenefits.com

    This company again offers HR/Payroll technology and they offset their cost of software if you get your employee benefits through them. This was a very powerful marketing campaign when Obama care came out and required all employers to offer insurance.

Creative should NOT use

I like modern. Deeper means. Latin words. I am ok with humor.

Favorite taglines

I thought it would be best to pick that one word with a matching and short domain and then underneith. "Technology. Insurance. Support."


Modern and cleanly designed software suite that is easy to understand and use to make your company more organized and efficient with no added cost - in most cases our clients will see a reduction in cost.

Top 3 Things

Reduction in cost. Technology that is easy to use and understand. All your company information at your finger tips via our app (which is key for small business owners who are in the field wearing multiple hats). Same for employees; all their info at their finger tips via our app.

Additional Info

I currently own this domain (uibservices.com) and the company is called United Insurance and Business Services. My concern with the current brand is that there are other "UIB"s out there and I feel the name is too long. I would like something that is possibly one word with a deeper meaning with an available domain.
I feel like the domain name is the most important aspect. I want it to be easy to remember. I would like to do a lot of bsuiness radio advirtising and I'd like it to be easy to hear a commercial and go to your computer or smart device and find us. "XYZ.com - One place for all your company's needs. Technology. Insurance. Support." I would also suggest that the name spells as it sounds so it is easy to find. **I don't want to spend extra money on a premium domain. I want something that is unique with a story to tell with regards to the tag line.



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