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About Your Company

We are an online interior design service with a mission to make interior design accessible and affordable for everyone while enabling designers to build thriving businesses. This platform offers personal attention through the design process (at a flat fee rate) and also provides design resources and products to its clients through curated purchases (eCommerce) of furniture, fabric, accessories etc. The total experience is provided in a way that informs, inspires, and assists people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to their enjoyment of that interior space. The idea is to have a gracious/glamourous and luxurious image and provide the experience as such even though the price for the services is set much lower to accommodate the price/value sensitive consumer that previously felt interior design is too expensive. We will target 1) Domestic Goddess - women aged 35 to 50, typically "country club" members, married to high profile individuals, have discretionary income and prioritise their homes as they love to entertain. 2) Boomers in Transition - ranging in age from 50 to 56 going through life transition, remodelling / downsizing and getting closer to retirement, enjoys travelling, the women in these households are typically the decision makers. 3) Aspirationals a.k.a. Professional Youngsters - young professional couples aged 25 - 35 establishing their first household, enjoying their homes and entertaining whilst wanting to portray an image of success, typically big spenders. 4) Roaring 40's - typically own a primary and a secondary home, likely to have a family and both parents to be employed full time or self-employed, prime candidates for "mid-life crises" wanting to "change everything". 5) Man About Town - single, high nett worth men between the ages of 35 and 47, sophisticated taste (only dines at the best restaurants, drive the best cars etc), has a busy social life but wants his home to portray his sophistication and assumed level of success.


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Target Audience

MOST Important! We are in South Africa, catering first and foremost to the South African market.
 Predominantly female in the age range of 35 to 55 years, with a median age of 42.
 Have access to disposable income.
 They own their own homes or apartments and often have holiday homes or timeshare.
 Are considered “Global Citizens” who embrace technology and innovation (does online shopping etc).
 Live in a range of dwellings from well-established houses in suburbs to small apartments in the city .
 They are creative and are looking for ideas to refresh their homes in original ways (use Pinterest on a regular basis).
 They have completed some tertiary education and are likely to have worked (or is still working) professionally.
 Majority are married with approximately 45% having children in the household.
 The appearance of their home is a priority.
 While status conscious, being original and different is key.
 They are not extravagant. They are sensible and spend their money wisely.
 They read one or more of the following magazines:
o House & Leisure
o Habitat
o Elle Décor
o Conde Naste – House and Garden
o Garden and Home
 They enjoy updating and improving their homes, décor and gardens.
 They enjoy showing off their beautiful homes and hosting family and friends regularly.
 They enjoy shopping and have embraced technology to do so.

Favorite taglines

BMW - Sheer Driving Pleasure, Loreal - Because you're worth it


Conversational and approachable (genuine and unpretentious), simplistic and informal (not cutesy), clever but not elitist, stylish but not "fad-ish", quirky / unconventional but not zany.

Top 3 Things

1) It's all about professional design 2) It's "premium but attainable" 3) It's different/unique and would set them apart 4) Convenience (design from anywhere) and 5) Having a hand in their own design - personal involvement.

Additional Info

We will be disrupting the South African (and African) market with our business. This will be a new concept to market so in some way the name should be inviting enough to visit the site without knowing all the details. It was inspired by LaurelandWolf.com but will have other added (new) features.



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