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Creative Brief

Who are you?

In the summer of 2009 a small group of entrepreneurs created a company and used CrowdSpring to create our logo. We loved the work that the community provided, so now were back. The company had a private alpha launch of the in the fall of 2009 at which point we decided to continue to refine the product. We are now preparing to launch to the public in the fall of 2010.

We feel our current name is not meeting our needs. That is where you come in. We need creative minds like you to help us name our new start-up company.

Our vision is to create a taste profile of a users preferences, demographics and other information that will be used to hyper-personalize this website, and eventually any other website the user visits.

Our website will combine a users taste profile with a new Social Recommendation technique to provide Hyper-Personalized media recommendations. The first category were focusing on is movies. Later this year we will start to branch into other media categories like TV, music, books and video games. Next year we will start moving into entertainment categories like restaurants and in the future may branch into all products and services.

The service is very social. Users will connect to their friends and have the ability to easily recommend and discuss movies with each other.

The service helps users manage their discovery process from start to finish. Users can save, rate, recommend or watch movies using our website, mobile app and/or browser plug-in. The save feature allows the user to remember their movie using a queue of movies they are interested in watching. The user is then alerted when the movie comes to theater or is released on Blu-Ray/DVD. The watch feature allows users to quickly find where they can watch the movie, giving direct links to Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, etc. The service will also directly interfaces with the users Netflix, Blockbuster and TiVo account allowing users to consume the movie directly through those services.

What User's Get:
Hyper-personalized movie recommendations from the companys next generation social recommendation engine.
Receive recommendations from friends.
Ability to easily send recommendations to friends
Have discussions around the recommended movies with their friends.
Receive alerts on movies they have saved in their queue.
View the movies that their friends are watching and discovering.
Easily connect with movies they want to see.
Manage their Netflix Queue from their iPhone and browser toolbar.

What do you need?

Company / Service name
The name should speak to one of the following areas:
o The feeling you get when you discover something great
o Discovery
o Discovery engine
o Other names that describe the product will be looked at, but prefer these areas.
Name should be short 1-2 syllables and max two words
The .com domain name should be not used by an existing active company
o Domain squatters are fine. (We will contact the domain holder regarding price.)
No trademark or naming conflicts (We will check.)
Easy to remember name
Be pleasing to eye and ear
Embodies what we are doing
Uncomplicated spelling
NOT tied to the Movie category
If it would work with our logo, that is a major plus

Who Is Your Audience?

Primary audience: Media lovers who currently discovery media online on a weekly basis.
Secondary audience: Media lovers who discover media through off-line methods such as word of mouth, television and movie trailers, etc.


We Like These Examples

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Hulu, MySpace, Amazon, LinkedIn, Ning, Pandora, Target, BestBuy, DoubleClick, Digg, Yelp, Netflix

We Absolutely Must Have

A matching .com domain that would be for sale.
Name should be short 1-2 syllables and max two words



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