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My business is a dog training business that trains working dogs for professional jobs and sports. We also train all breeds of pet dogs. My target audience is anyone with a dog. I want more of a modern name but mostly I want something that immediately sounds like a professional dog training business to anyone. We are a very high performance business and a polo shirt tucked into pants is a required uniform for employees. We are based out of Wyoming but are available to serve all of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.


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Target Audience

Age 16-60 years of age male and female
Rocky Mountain region of the United States
Medium-high income people
Successfully employed individuals with professional jobs
People with disabilities that require assistance from a service animal.
Outdoor and adventurous lifestyle
Interest in animals, dogs, working dogs, dogs with jobs.
Interests in dog training for detection, tracking, protection, obedience, patrolling, service work


We are all about honesty and respect. We will respect you and your canine and we will be honest about what we can achieve together.

Top 3 Things

Skill, professionalism, knowledge



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