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About Your Company

We specialize in market research. We field surveys (online & mobile app based) to consumers and collect feedback regarding brand performcance and perceptions to inform their marketing strategy. My company developed a mobile market research solution - specialized towards healthcare professionals for now, but could potentially be used for any consumer that is a target of a marketing campaign.


Target Audience

Audience is healthcare professionals and patients at the moment, but we potentially want to extend this to other audience in the future - so, we want the demographic to be broad and not narrowed to doctors or patients.

  • https://crowdlab.com/

    Technically crowdlab is not a competitor as our solution is extremely unique. However, as we make our offering broader, the mobile app we offer could start entering the territory that crowdlab plays in - mobile ethnography.

Creative should NOT use

We are looking for something catchy, but we want to keep the name professional

Favorite taglines

just do it; open happiness; I think, therefore IBM.


We are a market research app that's fun. We put a lot of thought into turning boring, theoretical market research and turned it into a real-world simulation that we immerse our respondents in through our app. We would want respondents to choose to do the research with us because it's fun first - monetary incentive is secondary

Top 3 Things

1) It's bite sized, fun & engaging - quick, small chunks of activities unlike traditional 1 hour market research studies that are tedious
2) Market Research on your own terms - do it when you like and how you like it
3) It's a community - a forum to connect, discuss and debate with like minded peers about hot topics that are of common interest to you

Additional Info

1) We need an app name - so it should be a max of 10 characters (and preferably be one word).

2) Here's some feedback we got from a respondent in a pilot we did:
“The App is a more contemporary way of doing market research than other things. It is less boring, less time consuming and way more informative for us. That is the future of qualitative market research. I am under the impression, the App is at the latest state of the art. We live in a very dynamic time now. The biggest problem will be to decide the order in which to use all the new medications. How can we use them all? The discussion about the order of administration was actually started on the App.”
- Pilot participant feedback



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