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StatBid is a PPC agency (pay-per-click) and a Google partner. The target audience is divided into two groups: Direct to Consumer Brands (ex- Outdoor Research, SAXX underwear,) and Business to Consumer Retail (ex- evo.com, tackledirect.com)


Current Website
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  • .com

Target Audience

Our target event audience for the event we are naming is comprised of business owners or heads of marketing for Direct to Consumer Brands on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce & Magento. Their company revnue would fall between 2 million - 20 million (up & coming companies).

Creative should NOT use

No funky spelling or difficult to brand


Core values: https://www.statbid.com/about-statbid/#c.... The tone focuses on a counter culture point of view with an irreverant style that can have some attitude, but comes from a place of authenticity and cuts through the BS. StatBid pokes fun at the industry and we are not afraid to poke fun at ourselves. The event tone should be social, focusing on spreading knowledge and learning from others.

Top 3 Things

Memorable (easy to remember), Catchy, Simple

Additional Info

We are looking for an event name for a Google workshop hosted by our company StatBid. The pilot event will be held in Las Vegas in March and we plan to host the workshop around the US and internationally. The standing title of the event is "New to Google" but we are looking for something more creative and catchy. It does not need to include Google in the title. See the workshop content in the attached draft Invite file. The event will also be marketed as bringing likeminded people together, to make new connections and establish relationships. The event will aim to be an excellerator for your business, to expand your thinking, learn from others, and be part of a community.



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