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Software & Technology

About Your Company

Software development agancy. We are experts from several development agencies that gathered to start our own company.
Development will be focused on various modern technologies, like cloud-based solutions, web, Internet of Things. We are going to provide a whole development flow - from client ideas and goals to ready deployed solution.
We are not going to do small things. Our clients are going to order large, robust and safe systems which will be used by large number of humans.


URL required
  • .io

Target Audience

Our audience will be the clients from the whole world. Currently we have clients from Europe and Australia. Our clients are people who want several things - 1) automate processes in their business using high (informational) technologies replacing old low-tech. 2) Implement their business online (marketplaces, data selling plantforms etc) 3) Create some power things (one time we even helped NASA in creating their open mission control system, so this is relly can be the case)

Creative should NOT use

I don't want name to be funny, or silly, or comedy. When a new client read it, he should feel that we are serious guys,
that our company name let's trust us.
That's why it can be witty, but not too funny. We will more like something strong, something power, that always moves forward, and moves our world forward using high technologies. One name that came to our thougs and looks free was highage - like golden age, but unfortunately it can be associated with age like age of human maybe

Favorite taglines

We create your digital world, feel power of high technologies, Engineering the Future


We want when you read the name then you get feeling like "that guys are doing the future of technologies, so thats why they can suggest best and fastest solutions for our needs, they can understand our needs, they can make our product work better then products of our competitors". (I even though about words like "next", "future" etc in name).

Top 3 Things

Experts, High Technologies, Development (it is relly not required to include that words, I think it will be hard, this is only answer for your question!)

Additional Info

We want a company name to be unique (no company names in google), and company_name.io domain should be free .
Before asking you we thought about next base-words, so maybe it will help you somehow:
tech, high, logics, cloud, brain, net, lead, dev, coder, code, develop, sol, solution. But they are all somthing not powerfull, and we don't know how to combine it to create something unique and cool. The name can be absolutly new word, or gracefuly misspelled word, or several words(2 or 3), I think you know better here. If it can be short, memorable and unique then it will be very very cool. But also long name with good meaning will satisfy us.

Also we thought about the name with some paradox, for some peoples it might be measure of mind. Something like digitalocean(ocean can't be digital), or groundclouds (clouds are in the sky not on ground).



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