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I am starting a company that will focus on 1)consulting / advisory services to help digital health companies understand how to position their product or offering to sell into the pharmaceutical or healthcare spaces, and 2) digital health seed / angel / venture investing. For the advisory work, as an example, I will work with technology or software startups to understand how to communicate ROI and market their offerings for use in clinical trials. This advisory would work include: deep dive understanding of their solution offering, review of the pharmaceutical value chain and where their offering could improve specific processes, benchmarking and analysis of potential ROI, and business development materials preparation. On the investment side, I will be investing my own capital in early stage digital health start-ups. So, I'm looking for a name I can flex - to represent an advisory and an investment focus. I'd like to stay away from names that would pigen hole me into one or the other (e.g. "xx advisors", or "xx ventures"). My target audience is digital health startups and also potentially larger, established technology companies who are trying to understand the pharmaceutical landscape and how to extend their market offerings to play there.


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Target Audience

My target clients would be digital health startups. I think the most common demographic of the folks driving here is 30-something year old men (I wish this space was more diverse, but alas)! Lots of entrepreneurs, programmers, highly educated workaholics. I am also looking to establish myself as a thought leader and speaker in the space, so I'd want my name and online presence to reflect a seriousness and depth of knowledge, vs. something playful.

Creative should NOT use

Nothing comes to mind, aside from what I noted in the description - I want the name to be flexible to represent advisory and investor, rather than only reflecting one.


I'm looking for serious and thoughtful, not playful/silly. I want to establish myself as a thought leader and a serious venture investor - but also to project warmth, and approachable partnership.

Top 3 Things

Professional, Expert Thought Leader, Do-er, & Well Networked, Investor

Additional Info

Applicable to the advisory and the investment goals, I like the theme of something taking root and growing, and also themes of re-direction and strengthening. I also want to communicate partnership. I'm looking for something creative but not overly complex (no over-the-top play on words, nothing hard to pronounce, would prefer if the meaning or intent of the name was relatively self-explanatory).



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