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Cosmetics & Beauty

About Your Company

I am creating a hair care line for busy girl on the go that has limited time yet still wants to look chic and effortless all the time. We want to promote healthy hair wellness created with natural ingredients inspired by superfood fruits with a twist of trendy glam and make it fun to get dolled up. We want to exude sophisticated vibes with a twist of chic rebellion . My hair care line will include a texturing hair spray. A vitamin infused hair oil/gloss for max shine and healthy hair and a pomade to tame the frizzies and flyaways. The plan is to eventually launch more products at some point in the future. My goal is to use 100% recyclcable packaging. I want the company to be committed to helping the environment on as many fronts as possible.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

My target audience is comprised of busy millinneals and early Gen X generation woman/men who want to be selfie ready at all times. They want to look effortlessly chic whether they are roaming the halls of Vogue for photo shoots or your business savvy guy/gal jet setting from LA to New York or Paris for fashion shows, or vacations . A poilished look with an edgy and chic vibe. Their occupation can be anything from an instagram influencer, to a hairstylist or the girl/guy boss that owns their business that always wants to look ready to take on the day. My customers will be purchasing about 1-2 times per month with an average of about $50-$60. My products will be priced between $25-$35. My customers will expect the products to be of high quality standards that will show in their hair's health as they continue to use the products,exceptional customer service , and strong sense of community in the company as we build loyality with the consumers.

  • www.oribe.com

    Oribe is a professional hair care product line

  • www.ouai.com

    Ouai is a hair care line that offers multiple hair products. It's a newer brand that has become very popular recently

  • www.livingproof.com

    Another hair care line that has a multitude of products. Very popular for dry shampoos

  • www.gisou.com

    A hair care line that is currently very popular because of it's packaging and honey infused products.

Creative should NOT use

I would like "outsde the box names" that don't have the word "hair" in the name. I also prefer not to use the word Tress. These two words are really over used in the industry already.


My brand is chic, fun , instagram worthy with a rebellious edgy streak. My audience are the jet-setting beauties , the girl/guy boss that is ready to take on the world but want to look effortless chic and polished. They will have disposable income to spend on looking their best all the time. My brand voice will be stylilsh but playful. We will have that mischievous factor all while having fun. We will speak friendly in order to connect with the consumers , build a sense of community where everyone that uses our products can express themselves freely and build confidence.

Top 3 Things

Trendy , chic , trustworthy

Additional Info

I am looking for a name that sparks curiosity when people hear the name. I am open to anything that sounds unique , even whimsical to differentiate myself from the bunch. I will be looking at minimalist , modern packaging but pretty enough for people to want to display it on their counters. Some of the current brands that inspire me right now are VERB and Ouai because they are young , fresh and very trendy. I am of Mexican decent and was hoping to add a touch of my culture into the name but it's not a necessity. My goal is to eventually venture into other beauty areas such as body and possibly face so I would like the name to not necessarily point only to hair and sound neutral .



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