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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

We deliver premium customized prepared meals doorstep to our clients. Our target audience is busy, active, epicurian people who do not want to make compromises on food and who want to enjoy their time out of the kitchen. The food we offer is based on 4 pillars : 1. Savory, 2. Safe (regarding allergies/intolerances/preferences), 3. Sane, 4. Specially and tailor-made to each individual need (according to macro/micro nutriments and portion size).


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Target Audience

We selected four different segments as our main target audience : Newly mommies, entrepreneurs/CEOs, elite athletes, residential schools. Both men and women, all ages, all cultures, in Europe. The audience earns an income range that allows them to live a confortable lifestyle. They share the same values : epicurism, freedom, will to achieve high performance at all levels, don't make compromises on food at all levels, will to spend their time enjoying life and doing/focus on what matters to them (sports, family time, work,...) instead of getting stuck in the kitchen and doing grocery shopping and what so ever. Their interests are to save some of their precious time for more quality time, eat premium and savory food customized to their very unique special needs and preferences.

  • https://www.sakara.com/

    Prepared meal delivery that are : sane, savory, customized and safe. We like the way they communicate and the way their website is organized, very visual. Their "girly" "fashion" website could please our female target audience but we would lose our male target audience.

  • https://freshfitnessfood.com/

    Most important competitor as what we do is very close to what they do. Could touch all our different target audiences.

  • https://www.nutrifitonline.com/

    Offering something very similar to what we do except that their communication is more medical oriented and we are not going this way.

  • https://www.privatedetoxbox.ch/

    They are located nearby us. Their visual and way of communicating (which we find very chic & classy) is quite similar to ours. What they offer is sane and savory. Not customized. Not safe regarding allergies/intolerances. They are detox oriented and we are not going this way.

Creative should NOT use

PLEASE DO NOT USE : silly, inappropriate, culturally sensitive words

Favorite taglines

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle / Commit to feeling like your best self / Impossible is nothing / Be all you can be / Think different / Double your pleasure, double your fun / Pleasure is the path to joy / Share moments, share life / Make the most of now / Power, beauty and Soul / Have it your way / Because I'm worth it / How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S / It is. Are you? / See what we mean / When you care enough to send the very best / Quality never goes out of style / Connecting people / American by birth, rebel by choice / Just do it


Serious company with authentic, curious and passionate people who enjoy the bright and sparkling side of life with a positive mind and always a big smile. Serious stuff don't need to be heavy, dark and depressive. We can achieve a big amount of work, go through challenges, perform at high levels and still have a great sense of humour, don't take life too seriously and enjoy every little thing in life.

Top 3 Things

Premium quality, chic & classy, freedom

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