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Business Info

What does your company do?

My company provides marketing services to non-profit scientific membership organizations. These services range from collateral and campaign creation to strategic and tactical marketing planning. More details are in subsequent sections.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

I will accept a .com with an acceptable variation on the exact name

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your customers

My customers are non-profit scientific membership organizations such as the American Chemical Society (www.acs.org) and the American Physical Society (www.aps.org). There are literally hundreds of these types of organizations (a large percentage of which are located in the Washington, DC area), which exist to help scientific researchers promote their researcher and advance their careers. In so doing, they also promote the advancement of science overall. As their names suggest, they usually focus on a specific discipline (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, etc). These organizations usually have many internal departments, staffed by paid professionals, that focus on educational outreach, government involvement, public outreach, career planning & placement, etc. Nearly all of them have a membership group and a publications group that represent the majority of their activities.

Membership in these organizations allows researchers to join discipline specific divisions that have annual national and regional meetings where researchers come to present their latest research finding and network with researchers in their specific field. For example, an individual can join the American Chemical Society (ACS) and become a member of the Division of Organic Chemistry, Division of Catalytic Science, etc. Over the course of a year, the ACS will run two national meetings where these researchers can meet as a larger group and attend hundreds of research presentations. In addition, these organizations also sponsor smaller, region and discipline-specific meetings of the individual Divisions for the same purpose.

The dues paid by the members rarely cover the costs running these meetings not to mention the costs incurred by the other activities (educational outreach, government involvement, etc.). In order cover these operational costs, these organizations generate a create deal of revenue from their lucrative peer-reviewed journal publishing programs.

Most of my marketing experience in this sector has been in the publishing side of this business encouraging researchers to submit their research to the journals and read the journals for their researcher endeavors. Nearly 80% of the researchers that publish and read these journals are in academia so, university libraries pay for most of the subscription costs. As such, university librarians are also a group that I have actively marketed to in the past.

Activities I will do include:
Creation of collateral aimed at Researchers and Librarians including copy-writing, graphic design (print-ready and html), printing & mailing (where required)
Creation of campaigns aimed at Researchers and Librarians, including copy-writing, graphic design (print-ready and html), printing & mailing (where required)
Strategic planning for publishing, including market research, stakeholder discovery, report writing and presentation preparation. Strategic planning can cover:
o Organizational strategic planning
o Editorial strategic planning
o Marketing strategic planning
o Digital strategic planning
Voice of the Customer activities, including stakeholder discovery, report writing and presentation preparation for the following activities:
o Surveys
o Focus groups
o In-person website usability testing
Branding, including:
o Brand inventories
o Brand audits
o Brand value definitions
o Brand hierarchy definitions
o Brand strategy development
o Brand awareness and perception testing

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

1. CREATIVITY: Creativity / Ability to think outside the box

2. INSIGHT: Deep knowledge of the evolving STM (Scientific, Technical & Medical) membership and publishing landscape

3. EXPERIENCE: Extensive experience in hands-on marketing in for-profit and non-profit environments

List the names of your top three competitors

I dont really have many direct competitors. In terms of the market research/customer insights, the closest would be a company called DeltaThink (www.deltathink.com), but they do not create collateral or campaigns.

Style and Concept

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

1. Intelligent/dry humor would be my first choice in the vein of the TV show Big Bang Theory, but not as juvenile as the movie Weird Science.

But, given that humor can be very hit or miss, I would also go for (and probably prefer)

2. Internationally hip a lot of the researcher marketing activities are aimed at younger researchers, aged 25 35 who either have (or are earning) a PhD in a physical science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, etc.). While these researchers have traditionally been from Western countries, researchers from Asia (and China specifically) now represent about 1/3 of the researcher base these organizations serve.

Are there specific words or phrases you do not like?

Not that I can think of

Are there specific words or phrases you like?

1. Insights into Action
2. Influencing Researchers

Do you have other info you want to share?

Just about any scientific term you'll think of will be taken eg: Velocity Marketing, Gravity Marketing, Catalyst Group, etc. Believe me, I've spent hours looking! I was also big on "DaVinci & Associates," as Leonardo DaVinci was the quintessential "right brain, left brain" master. Already taken as well and a lawyer advised me not to use "DaVinci" in any form.



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