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BEE – Bisagni Environmental Enterprise is a sustainability engineering consulting and technology company specializing in the creation of green and healthy buildings. The company specializes in building simulations, commissioning, green building certification, and cloud-based building data management for ensuring ongoing performance. We have managed over 200 LEED projects, across 25 countries, with a combined GFA of over 35 million square feet. BEE is one of the most experienced green building consultancies in the retail sector worldwide, working with some of the top luxury brands worldwide helping them with their sotres. BEE also works with developers that build hotels, commercial towers, office rennovations, educational facilties, and factories.


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Target Audience

1) Retail brands mainly in the luxury sector. We would target the store development team as our main client. 2) Buildign developers of any kind. 3) Hotel development companies. 4) Any Project Managment or Real Estate company that is ovverseeing office (or other) rennovation projects. //// For all four of the above, our primary base is Asia (specifically greater China) but we are makign an expnasion across the globe.

Favorite taglines

Arup uses "Shaping a better world"


We want to be know as a highly technical and professional eniongeerign firm with a global prescence BUT with a smaller-boutique feel and top client relationship management. Since our competetion tends to be "stuffy and old" we want to be seen as a good balabce between the technical but also young, innovative, and hungry for expansion.

Top 3 Things

That we are part of a global unified group.

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