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The Finext network is organized around experts who share their knowledge and expertise in self managing teams. We all share the values on which we base our mutual trust. By working together in a network of niches we make powerful combinations in order to offer innovative services. This enables us to contribute in concrete terms to a stronger financial function in the Netherlands.

What do you do?

Finext is a family of consultancy companies with in-depth knowledge of industries, themes and technologies. Our philosophy is to create trust, establish links and amaze our clients in order to give ample scope to craftsmanship. This helps to take concrete action and improve the financial department of your organization
Our Expertises:
Consolidation & Corporate Reporting
Cost & Profitability Management
Financial Shared Services & Accounting
Governance, Risk & Compliance
High Performance Financial Function
Chain & Process optimization
Information Management & Dashboarding
Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
Project & Portfolio Management

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Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your audience

The product we developed and want to name is in our Expertise of Dashboarding & Business Intelligence, we developed a dashboard of which the development name is: Company Radar. Since this doesn't cover everything and doesn't sound good we want to rename it. A short description of the product:

Often people find it difficult to answer this question quickly and effectively. Information is spread across multiple departments and systems. Vertical look ups , paste reports from Excel into PowerPoint, or run a report quickly, rather than exception. All in all a whole job for a little insight.

We think this can be different. With a Company Radar, information is made insightful by connecting data sources from different departments. Understanding your business is just a few clicks away from you. Thus decisions can be made on the basis of facts instead of subtle feelings. And how to put it together in a visually attractive way in a dashboard where the end users can actually make new insights.

What 3 things do you want your product name to communicate to your audience?

- Easy, visual attractive dashboard that gives users easy insights across different datasources within the company where little technical knowledge is needed to develop dashboards

List the names of your top three competitor products

There are a lot of generic dashboarding products, but we provide a unique dashboarding template. The dashboard can be provided in different standard BI technologies (like Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI for example). So we really provide a template not a technology platform.


What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

Many companies have a lack of entrepreneurship. Give people more autonomy by creating more entrepreneurship. Hence, growth and renewed energy. Insight in performance increases engagement.

Are there any words or phrases you like?

As said in development we called it a Company Radar. Preferabely we want a new out of the box name which generally describes the content but als sounds nice, young, cool and makes you want to know more about the product

Are there specific words or phrases you don't like?

We are not looking for large, corporate like namings

Do you want to include additional info?

Please see the print screens below how the dasboard looks.



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