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We sell vehicle tracking and reporting systems. Sound exciting? What if instead I told you the name of our industry is "Telematics". OK, fair enough... let's see what we can do to give this topic some zip. Imagine you are, say, the owner of a company that installs air conditioners. Or the head of a bus company. Or the fleet manager of a trucking company. Or even worse the fleet manager for a municipality. Whatever the position, you're responsible for anywhere from 5 to 2500 vehicles. That's a lot of steel. More importantly, that's a lot of humans. You're in the position of having handed a bunch of people keys to your vehicles and crossed your fingers, hoping that somehow all that work is going to get done in an efficient manner and that no one is going to drive one of your front-end-loaders into a frozen river while trying to plow a path to his ice-fishing house. Unfortunately we didn't make that up: http://www.crookstontimes.com/news/x1621....

The truth is, you don't have any idea what's happening out there. You have a pretty good safety record, so presumably your drivers and technicians operate with a fair degree of sobriety and consideration. You're profitable, so the lights are going to stay on. But in a candid moment you might be willing to admit that there's an incredible amount you don't know about your vehicle operations.

That's where we come in. By installing a GPS transmitter in each vehicle, we gather data from your vehicles on a server that you can log into in order to answer important questions quickly and automatically: Where are your vehicles at this moment? Moving or stopped? If stopped, at what address? If moving, on what road, in what direction, at what speed? How much time do your vehicles spend idling each day, increasing fuel and maintenance costs? Which drivers complete jobs most quickly? Which drivers have the most down-time between jobs? Which vehicles are due this week for an oil change? New tires? New air filter? Did anyone use your vehicle and fuel to help his cousin move to the next state last weekend? How many miles traveled in the state of New York should you pay taxes for this quarter? How many in Massachusetts? In Ohio? Did the temperature in the refrigerated trailer carrying all that frozen shrimp stay below 32 degrees all the way from California to Kansas? Which furnace repair vehicle is closest to the home of the grandmother who just called in to complain that the temperature in her house has dipped to 48 degrees?

These are just a FEW of the questions our online reporting system answers for our clients. We also offer dispatching capabilities that allow a manager to re-route and communicate with a driver about a job via a touch-screen Garmin navigator device. No more need to have drivers pull over to answer a cell phone call from the dispatcher. No more need for dispatchers to call drivers to find out where they are.

In essence, we take the blindfolds off business owners, dispatchers, fleet managers, CFOs and accounting departments so that with respect to their vehicle fleet they can accomplish more in less time and with fewer people. We make businesses more competitive, more competent, more productive, and ultimately much more profitable. A modest Return On Investment is 1000% in the first year. The average ROI is much higher.


A business name that communicates, connotes or stands for any combination of: the service we provide, its benefits, its advantages. It should not focus on the "big-brother" aspect, the ability to catch employees doing something wrong.

The .com URL should be available.

It should be easy to spell, so that if we're on the phone and say the name, someone can write it down or look it up online without asking how to spell it.

Also, the name should not be a well-known trademark, and it should not be a trademark registered in Florida.


Target industries:

Service companies (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliance repair, landscaping), construction companies, trucking companies, local government (whose drivers include utility workers, housing inspectors, and other municipal workers), bus companies, heavy equipment rental companies... basically any entity that has multiple company vehicles.

Target decision-makers:

Small-to-midsize business owners, fleet managers, dispatchers, corporate purchasing managers, Chief Financial Officers, bean-counters of all shapes and sizes.


Fleet Power: It speaks of what we give businesses (power) with respect to their vehicle fleets. Unfortunately it is also the name of a diesel fuel additive.

United Telematics: It sounds big, solid. Blue-collar enough for small-to-midsize companies; blue-chip enough for big companies. We own the URL. Only downside: it's kind of generic. That's why we're here looking for other ideas.



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