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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Steve and Steve, two guys in their 30s who recently moved to Bali, Indonesia. One is a Canadian who has been working with the UN for 10 years in various countries, and the other is an American who has spent the last 10 + years in Rome running a hotel/cafe.

What do you need?

We are looking for a name for a small cafe that will serve "create your own" healthy dishes in Ubud, Bali. It will be a food bar where people can choose their own combination of ingredients and either: keep it as a tossed salad, or wrap it up in a pita, tortilla or Nori sheet. We will also serve daily, fresh side dishes like soups, vegan sushi, grain salads, falafel-like balls, etc. All food and drinks served will be homemade, and sourced from the most organic and free-trade sources available. NOTHING will be pre-prepared off-site, including the bread, sauces or dressings...no commercial mayo or ketchup here! Nor will we sell canned soft drinks, juices, or anything else with preservatives or additives. Everything will be fresh and homemade, simple, and organic/local as possible.

In addition, we see the caf as a type of SOCIAL ENTERPRISE. Ie: we would like to partner with some local NGOs involved in social issues around Bali, so that we can hire people who are disadvantaged in some way to work at the caf. This will not only open up opportunities for people who are normally overlooked in the job market, but also raise awareness about social issues.

We'd be kind of fast foodish in that you'll order and have it tossed for you in sight, then you'd pay and find a table - self serve water and cutlery and things. Maybe some communal bench seating. However, the overall look of the restaurant will not be your typical plastic, fast food cafeteria venue. Materials will be comfortable, natural and high quality. There will even be a family playroom upstairs where there will be stories, crafts and other things to keep kids busy while their parents enjoy eating or working on their computers.

Who Is Your Audience?

Arty, eccentric expatriates in Bali who live in Ubud for the "energy" as well as tourists attracted to the strong spiritual vibe and beauty of the town. Our clientele will be health conscious, enviros with good spending power. In order to attract and retain the semi-permanent expatriate residents, we are looking to create a very casual, personal environment where people feel welcome and local...like Norm in Cheers.


We Like These Examples

Some of the name we have liked are Food for Thought, Choices, Mostly Plants, Eden. Some underlying ideas/concepts that keep coming up in our discussions are:

Fresh, organic, community, interconnectedness. That what you eat makes a big difference to the world. A place that has gone beyond green/organic and come full circle to something simpler, more natural...just food!

A restaurant with a similar approach is sweetgreen.com

We Absolutely Must Have

The name must communicate that we are environmentally conscious. Small, family run. Good, simple, hand-made, whole foods, with some substance behind it - vegetarian, and a commitment to organic, local. It should be a name that can be used in multiple locations. HOWEVER, we do not want to use words that are already overused in this industry, like: Green, Organic, any variations of vegetarian. We also want to be mindful of being too polemic or exclusionary (ie: we want the restaurant to seem like the kind of restaurant where anyone who loves good fresh food can eat, not just the tree-hugger, eco-warrior type of person. It will be vegetarian but we do not want to hammer people with that...ideally, they don't even notice.



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