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Publishing & Media

About Your Company

NewCo specializes in publishing and information products. NewCo produces digital information products under various brand names, such as web portals, digital marketplaces and research content. Our products are aimed at professional international investors. Our topics are investing in stocks, bonds, funds, private equity or crypto currencies. The NewCo is a technology-driven start-up (Fintech). The tonality is correspondingly casual. The company name must be catchy and is primarily aimed at the shareholders of our company.


Target Audience

Most of NewCo's users and advertising customers come from the financial services industry. These include bankers, asset managers, financial advisors, fund managers, decision-makers from banks, pension funds and funds of funds. The Financial Times and Bloomberg are among the most important media of this target group. Most of our customers are male and between 30 and 50 years old. NewCo works internationally, this also applies to its customers. The regional focus is on key financial centres, including London, New York, Frankfurt, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • https://www.morningstar.com

    Morningstar is the global leader in equity, bond and fund investment research. The company also has a global course database and analysis tools.

  • http://www.haymarket.com

    Haymarket is a British publishing group. NewCo is competing with some of its financial magazines (Asianinvestor, Finance Asia)

  • https://citywire.co.uk

    Citywire is a publishing group specialising in financial topics and aimed at professional investors and investment managers.

Creative should NOT use

Terms such as Investment, Finance, Capital, Stocks, Crypto etc. are overused and offer little potential for differentiation (see also Mindmap).

Favorite taglines

Solutions for a smart planet.
Think different
Just do it


The NewCo is a technology-driven start-up (Fintech). The tonality is correspondingly casual.

Top 3 Things

Finance and investing know-how
Innovative and technology driven
Agile, fast, flexible



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