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About Your Company

This company is producing a line of clothing for people recovering from injuries.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Our demographic is working age US residents between 25 and 65. The line will cover a broad price range from an inexpensive athletic pant to a ~$200+ dressy work pant. They do not think of themselves as disabled or sick -- they think of themselves as temporarily injured or recovering from surgery. This should be a timeless (not trendy) quality brand.

  • https://www.reboundwear.com/

    Their products only cover the athletic end of the spectrum. The same way that Betabrand makes a dress pant/yoga pant, we are making a work pant/recovery pant. Our clothes are so nice and inconspicuous, that our customers will continue wearing them after recovering from their injury or surgery.

  • https://www.adidas.com/us/

    All the sporting goods manufacturers make basketball pants that open on the side, but they tend to have stripes and prominent logos and are missing features that someone who wants to be inconspicuous would value.

Creative should NOT use

The brand should not use any sewing terminology. I'd prefer to avoid anything injury or first aid related.


Trustworthy. Well-made. Attractive. Basic/staples for a good value. Not cheap. Not showy. Sewn in USA.

Top 3 Things

Quality. Easy to use. Attractive.

Additional Info

It is very important that it be easy to spell, easy to remember, and something that you won't confuse if you hear it recommended by a friend.



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