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About Your Company

Communication product for distributed teams

It's audio and video, emojis and gifs, like Hangouts but much more fun.

The product allows to make people talk more, have more random interactions, spontaneous "watercooler" chats, bonding activities in the digital world (like games), or just saying "hi" when they come to their home office every day in an non-awkward way... digitally.

There are no silos or access codes; everyone can see ongoing conversations and join them, because there is an implicit trust in a team.

The vision is: what if we could take some of the greatness in a physical office and recreate it in the digital world, so that people in distributed teams don't feel as lonely?

We don't necessarily need to try to abuse the digital medium and try to emulate the real world. But instead use the medium for interactions that are not even possible in the real world (like augmented reality, in the future).

We want the name to be goofy, creative, or ironical, or satirical, or provocative or fun... a single, short word. Something that stands out from the current industry narrative: *not* a corporate or safe corporate brand.


Target Audience

Income $60K-300K, highly educated, usually 22-35yo, usually in US and Europe, 70% male, high technical skill, often working remotely (office-less), loving freedom and fun

Creative should NOT use

we love funny and silly and satirical. we hate corporate, boring, safe brands.


Video conferencing is often awkward, intimidating, scripted. Our product makes it not so. Thus, we want to communicate a relaxed, spontaneous, casual, or ironical vibe. Video communication on our product is unlike anything else.

Top 3 Things

Fun, relaxed communication

Additional Info

Nr. 1 problem of remote co-workers that work in distributed teams is that they feel lonely. Our product makes it less lonely to work remotely, because of the casual vibe and features that incentivize/enable spontaneous conversations and digital bonding activities.



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