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Big Fish | Small Pond. I am the owner of a family real estate development and management company (FIRM Realty) that started almost a half century ago. We have maintained a conservative economic approach towards development, which has allowed FIRM Realty to develop more than 2.5 million square feet of real estate in Hollywood, Florida - helping transform a small residential community into the twelfth largest city in Florida. Hollywood is a residential based community situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Boutique Service. The effort involved in real estate development is arduous. As such, the projects we build are not to be sold, but rather managed in house proactively for future generations. This legacy approach allows us to provide a level of personal attention to our properties and customers not found with third party management. Simply put, we build to last and it shows.

My purpose/goal is to brand several office buildings that are in the same community so they are identifiable as being associated with one another.


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Target Audience

Our office buildings are typically 3 to 4 floors and range from 30,000 to 50,000 square feet in size. They are not class "A" buildings with the amenities you typically find in larger high-rise office buildings in Downtown Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Hollywood is a suburban market and attracts smaller professionals who want their offices near their homes, like the quaintness of the area, or are price sensitive and want to avoid the major downtown areas. All our buildings have attorneys, accountants, psychologists, real estate companies and other professionals within them. That is not to imply all are professionals. We have smaller more casual businesses that like the local market where they can dress and act more casually than in a class “A” office building. The commonality among all tenants is that office tenants are service based (as opposed to selling a physical product like a retailer).

Most businesses are locally owned with a single location. The average tenant occupies 1,500 square feet (4 to 6 offices). We do not attract major, full floor tenants as commonly found in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. We have served as an incubator for those companies. We have had law firms, technology companies, and others who have started in a small office, expanded and eventually outgrown the capacity of my buildings. Once they reach a certain size, they move to Downtown Fort Lauderdale or Miami because of their need for more space and the prestige/amenities offered within a high-rise office building.

  • N/A - I obviously do not want to select a name already in use for a major/established building or company in South Florida.

Creative should NOT use

I am looking for a one or two word name to use for multiple office buildings, all within a 2 mile radius of one another. Right now, the buildings have rather generic sounding names: Sheridan Executive Centre, Emerald Lake Plaza, Icon Office Building, 95 Office Park, Harrison Executive Centre, etc. My goal is to create a name for the office buildings with the second word as the street name. I had played with the name "workspace" and was thinking of workspace - stirling (for Stirling Road), workspace - hollywood (for Hollywood Boulevard, workspace- harrison (for Harrison Street), etc.

I spoke with several tenants about the name "workspace" and I received pushback from licensed professionals such as attorneys because they felt the name was too trendy and implied collaborative office sharing space for millennials or start-ups.

A few items to caution against. I am looking for a brand name that can be associated with office buildings without confusion to the general public that the name is a major tenant in the building. Frequently, a major tenant in a building will get building signage rights which ends up becoming the branding for the building (i.e. Wells Fargo Building).

I am not looking for someone to grab a Thesaurus and start listing obvious possibilities such as pinnacle, apex, apogee, or summit. They have all been looked at. I am hoping for something with a bit more creativity and thought.


Attorneys, CPA's and other licensed professionals want a building name which demonstrates a sense of professionalism and offers the impression of stability and prestige. They do not want a trendy name. They want a name that demonstrates a professionalism - a name that could apply to a high-rise office building in a major Downtown.

My goal is to create brand recognition among the office buildings. As mentioned, I am a big fish in a small pond. I want to create brand recognition so that the general public knows there is an affiliation among the buildings because of the similarity in names. I want to keep the name as short as possible since the building name would appear in illuminated signage on the buildings. Currently, some buildings like "Harrison Executive Centre" do not have any building signage. The only building identifier is the street address. Understandably, "Harrison Executive Centre" is a lot of letters to install on a fascia sign. My thought of reducing the name to "workspace|harrison" is manageable for signage purposes. Unfortunately, "workspace" is not the right word.

As a company that has grown tremendously over the past 50 years, with the desire to continue to grow, we are not only looking to come up with branding that will connect our various office buildings at the present time but that we can build upon as we continue to grow as a company and through our portfolio. In that sense, we may be looking for branding that will be somewhat timeless and create a standard we can confidently stand behind for years if not decades to come.

Top 3 Things

(1) A sense of professionalism (2) A word/name that identifies the office building without confusion that the name is for a major tenant within the building (3) Catchy but not trendy since this name will be in use for decades to come

Additional Info

I liked the name workspace since it is clearly associated with office space, but doesn't work because of a lack of professionalism and is too closely related to wework (a national company associated with collaborative workspace. This name may be good for a young start-up company but is not good for 50+ year old attorney looking for a 4 room office.



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