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About Your Company

Our company sells privatly owned brands of physical products online. currently we are setting up a new brand of Accessibilioty and Mobility products to be sold online on Amazon, eBay and other Ecommerce platforms in the USA and EU markets.
We will be selling products like: Walking Canes, Walkers, Reacher/Grabber, Crutches, etc....


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

We are targetting both Men and Women in the USA and EU countries who are mobility and accessibility disabled and want to use products to help them in their daily life.
Ages are wide because some customers are temp[orarily disabled or have limited functionality due to an injury while other are disabled due to their older ages.

Creative should NOT use

I want the name to imply on the products, when someone reads the name i expect them to have an idea of what we sell. the customers take their mobility issues very seriously - this is a medical condition and so needs to be professional.


Serious and professional about what we do. we want to communicate trust because customers should feel good about trusting our products wiht their life disabilities.

Top 3 Things

The product Category, Quality, Reliability

Additional Info

I would expect to receive optional Brand Names. the suggested brand name should be verified for competition and website name availability as well as test for clear copywrites (not used or registerred by others)



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