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Publishing & Media

About Your Company

We provide a curated collection of print and digital publications with resources for teachers and educators. We focus on (but are not limited to) educational technology (ed tech) and digital learning experiences for K-12 students in the US. Our researcher and editorial team is made up of experienced educators who understand how to integrate ed tech tools and resources into the curriculum. They thoroughly vet each feature to ensure that we are providing trusted resources with strong educational value.


Current Website
URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Our target audiences are :
-K-12 District- and school-level administrators (superintendents, principals, decision-makers)
-K-12 Technology Directors, Educators, Support
-K-12 Educators (Teachers)
-K-12 Special Needs Educators and Program Directors
-K-12 ESL/ELL Educators and Program Directors
-K-12 Library/Media Specialists

Creative should NOT use

We're not sure we want to limit ourselves to the term "ed tech", though that's our main focus. We also promote other resources, and we don't want to limit ourselves in the future. However, if it were the right name, we might consider it.


We are trusted by educators.
We are authoritative on our topics.
We are current and have our fingers on the pulse of both the education and ed tech fields.
We are innovative and creative.
We have history and educational experience.

Top 3 Things

Trust, Innovation, Experience

Additional Info

Print and Digital Publications - We have a number of publications with varied names. We'd like to create a name that can be used with those resources or that can we can alter to work for those publications.
-K-12 Technology newsletter-For K-12 Educators
-Everyone CAN! newsletter-For Special Needs Educators
-hELLo! newsletter-For ESL/ELL Educators (https://www.bigdealbook.com/newsletters/)
-Big Deal Book of Technology-Print booklet for K-12 Educators. Also available as an ebook. (https://www.bigdealbook.com/ebook/)
-Teaching4Tomorrow-Our Blog (https://www.bigdealbook.com/blog/)

Website URL - Our company name is Big Deal Media. That URL was not available, so our site URL is bigdealbook.com, in reference to our print book. This gets confusing at times. We'd like a URL that matches our name. We'd like it to have no hyphens, underscores, periods, or other special characters, if possible. We'd prefer a .com domain.

Social Media - Handles vary because not all social media sites had the same options available. We'd like them all to be the same. No hyphens or underscores, if possible.
-Facebook Page: Big Deal Media (Facebook URL reads: Amazing Resources for Educators)
-Twitter: @BigDealBook
-Google+: Big Deal Media
-Pinterest: Amazing Resources for Educators
-edWeb: Amazing Resources for Educators Community



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