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About Your Company

CURE Clubfoot is currently a program of CURE International Inc. The CURE International board recently voted to spin CURE Clubfoot off into its own seperate entity so we now have the opportunity to rename and rebrand the work we do in 17 countries and in more than 390 partner health centers around the world.

Mission Statement:
To transform the lives of children born with clubfoot in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) through quality treatment and compassionate care demonstrating and sharing the love of Christ.
1) Quality clubfoot treatment
We work alongside and within the national health system to ensure the correction of clubfoot using the Ponseti Method. Understanding that the Ponseti Method is most effective if implemented shortly after birth we invest in early identification and treatment of children under the age of two. To ensure quality outcomes we provide training of staff, provision of supplies (plaster, padding, and foot abduction braces [FABs]) and supervision and mentoring to ensure standards of care are achieved and maintained.

Compassionate care
The nature of the Ponseti Method provides a wonderful platform to demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion. Through our Clubfoot Care Coordinators serving in each partner clubfoot clinic we have the opportunity throughout the five years of care and follow-up to develop relationships to meet the psychosocial needs of families and proclaim the gospel in word and deed.

Description of Activities
1) Partnership: Our program is established and built on partnerships at a local, national, and international level for resource utilization, governance and sustainability.
2) Training: We recognize that formal training and mentoring are both critical in achieving excellence in care and this is demonstrated through medically training our Ponseti providers and brace manufacturers, missionally our Clubfoot Care Coordinators and operationally our program management staff.
3) Sensitization, Awareness and Branding: Strategies to raise awareness and identify and refer children for early treatment at our partner clinics are developed unique to each context.
4) Access to Care: Our partner clubfoot clinics are most often government supported health centres or faith based health facilities that have a desire and demonstrated ability to provide care and spread in geographically strategic locations across a country to enable the greatest access.
5) Holistic treatment approach: We espouse strict adherence to the Ponseti Method of treatment and integral to this method are our Clubfoot Care Coordinators who provide psychosocial support to patients and their families and share the gospel.
6) Program Management and Quality Assurance: The platform for our witness is the quality of our work, which we closely monitor operationally, financially, medically and spiritually. Two pillars of our strategy are a designated program management structure and a standardized reporting system.

Core Values
Compassion: Serving with compassion, He healed them.
Excellence: We serve our families and stakeholders with excellence in everything we do.
Relationships: We develop intentional relationship for kingdom purposes with the children, families, providers and stakeholders where we serve.
Integrity: We do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.


URL required
  • .org

Target Audience

Our audience will be a lot of moms / families (internationally) who have been impacted personally by clubfoot or disability. We have a medical focus so the medical / nursing / therapy community. We are international so we have the global international NGO community. We are faithbased. Donor community - would love to appeal to high networth individuals / foundations. Clubfoot impacts all demographics.

  • www.miraclefeet. org

    non faithbased organization who has funded some of our programs and now has expanded to do their own programs

  • globalclubfoot.com

    Not a competitor but an umbrella organization that we belong to.

  • http://walkforlifeclubfoot.org/ http://clubfootindia.in/

    Walk for life - National clubfoot program (Bangladesh). Clubfoot India - our national clubfoot program in India.

Creative should NOT use

We are reasonably certain we don't want the word 'clubfoot' in the name. We feel it may be limiting in the future. We don't want something that is overtly faith oriented / Christian.

Favorite taglines

make clubfoot history (CURE India). healing changes everything (CURE). RunFree2030 (Global Clubfoot Initiative). together we can do more (CBM)


see core values above. compassion, inclusion, innovative, grassroots, community, empowering, hopeful, positive, excellence.

Top 3 Things

1) we want to restore / give hope to families and communities.
2) people with disabilites deserve quality treatment and care.
3) 'better together' We value partnerships

Additional Info

Clubfoot is very common - approximately 1 child in every 800 born is affected. It is just as common in the first world as it is in developing countries. The difference is that access to treatment is poor in developing countries. The impact of no treatment is pain, poor mobility and limited opportunities for school, work, marriage, social inclusion and becoming a burden on society.
@cureclubfoot on fb.
@cure_clubfoot on instagram.



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