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Real Estate & Construction

About Your Company

I am establishing a Real Estate Brokerage Firm that will become the largest, most respected and most profitable real estate brokerage company in Dubai.

In the beginning the business focus will be Dubai, after conquering Dubai, the global property market will be served, starting with Pakistan, China, London, USA and so on. In a globalized internet savvy world I intend to sell global property.

The underlying strength will be my company’s Ambition, Competence and Transparency.

Aim is to grown from $1 Million in Profits to $100 Million to $350 Million to $ 1 Billion and then to $ 300 Billion.

A global company selling World Wide Properties.


Current Website
Target Audience

My Ideal customer is someone looking to invest in real estate for a profit and return starting prices from as low as $ 25,000 to $ 300,000,000

They have basic knowledge about real estate investing, but must be educated further.

a) They are willing to seek the help of a real estate agent, i.e. they value expert advise and knowledge

b) They’ll look at the Internet for research and information

Whats important for my customers?

a) Expert advise/Competence
b) Honesty
c) Good service
d) Good personality
e) Save them money
f) Protect their interests

How they feel when using my service?
a) This person is the best expert who is going to help me reach my end goal easily
b) Safe and secure
c) Taken care of and treated specially

What characteristics do my customers possess?
a) Up-market
b) Good taste
c) Secure
d) Confident
e) Cautious
f) Conscious
g) Educated
h) Well-Travelled

How does buying real estate benefit their life?
a) They will be able to buy a property which they desired; 95% match has to be there with their requirements.
a. (The Perfect Property Does Exist)
b) They will receive excellent service – every need anticipated – every question answered on time.
a. (Service is still the name of the game).
c) They will be protected and will not be afraid (any fears they have will be explained quietly and calmly)
a. (Only experience can carry, protect, allay your fears).
d) You will save money. Guaranteed.
a. (Only I or someone else with experience can help you save money).
e) You will have a upper hand with the negotiations. I have negotiated over 2,500 deals / transactions or advised on as many. I’ll be advising you in your corner.
a. (The professionals negotiate, the newbies muddle things up).
f) You’ll receive no Surprises. What it says on the TIN can is what you will get.
a. (No Surprises with the Experts).
g) No – Hassle – I’ll help you find a tenant without any problems.
a. (I find the perfect Tenant for you).
h) You will earn a very high return as CASH in your pocket.
a. (Very high yield guaranteed because of the way we run the apartment).
i) You will gain Capital Appreciation in their property.
a. (Capital appreciation also likely because we take care of the fundamentals).

These customers are up market and have look at luxury things as well.

Creative should NOT use

No Funny, No SIlly. Should be strong and credible. I like Blue Colours.

Favorite taglines

Visionary Lives, Millionaires made, Inheritance grown, Ambitious, Financial Freedom


Credible, Strong, household name, Ambitious, Competent, Transparent, Working towards a greater good. MAking Millionaires out of ordinary investors.

Top 3 Things

I would love to see a play on my name Fahd Dawood.

For example it could be F&D (but not really F&D necessarily).

I have also thought about Frontiers Dominion (as it used F&D).

Using any other words which start with F&D would be good and good direction.

Other alphabets which are special to me, F, N, D, I , M, R, S



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