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We produce high end, sustainable, space efficient, aquaponic and hydroponic garden systems that are produced from reclaimed materials. The systems are designed to be used in the urban environment i.e. balconies and courtyards and are a fully contained, low maintenance herb/vegetable garden.


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Target Audience

Young couples and families living in an urban environment. Specifically in an apartment or town house with limited space to have a garden. Middle to high income earners who believe in sustainability and the origin of their food. People that cook for themself and live a healthy lifestyle.


High end, sustainable, beautiful design, low maintenance

Top 3 Things

Sustainable, high end, fun

Additional Info

We are looking for a product name. The product is an aquaponic/hydroponic garden that is produced from reclaimed wine barrels. The system is either powered by a wall socket or the supplied solar panel. It is effectively a fish bond in the bottom with a garden bed on top that can be used to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers.
The owners feed the fish, they excrete ammonia into the water, the water is pumped up to the plants which gives them food to grow. The plants clean the water and it is returned to the fish tank.
It is a very water efficient and low impact method of gardening that is both productive and a beautiful feature in someone's outdoor living space.



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