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About Your Company

Business case: We offer 100 % organic skincare (with NaTrue certified recepies) to a better price than ever. Our attractive prices are possible as we strip off middlemen (re-sellers) and traditional marketing costs by involving our consumers into becoming shareholders. Thus, they become marketers/ambassadors which elimenates high traditional marketing costs and creates a word of mouth effect. The incentives for our consumers to spread the word is that our prices get lower the more people that join the movement (due to economies of scale). This way, we also stimulates customer loyalty. In addition, re-purchasing is super easy, and we keep track of consumption behavior and remind our consumers when their skincare tend to be finished (about once a quarter), so that they can place a new order with an easy click. This user friendly system also contributes to loyalty. Our skincare containers (jars) are flat, so that we can deliver directly to the consumers mailbox, which means that they don't have to consider pick up locations, delivery times etc..

WHY? We want to revolutionize the capitalistic, greedy and manipulative beauty industry that lacks transparency. We believe in value co-creation by enabling crowdsourcing and the creation of shared value through an online beauty platform. The platform integrates sales of our skincare products, educational elements from 3rd parties, crowd sourcing tools for product development and a community characterized by gamification and trust.

Target group: health conscious, tech savvy and business minded men and women that seek to be part of a movement. Mainly millenialls. All over the world.

Keywords: Transparent, non commercial, non conventional, organic, unisex, global, democratic, dermatological, idealistic, scandinavian, disruptive, accessable, available, trustworthy, bold, user friendly, smart (from the consumers' economical perspective).


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Target group: health conscious, tech savvy and business minded men and women that seek to be part of a movement. Mainly millenialls.

Our target group is global, as we want to enable organic skincare to everyone, and don't see any geographical limitations because we run our own e-commerce and don't have any physical store.

  • http://marykay.se/

    We are reinventing the beauty market as we have one foot in the beauty industry and another in the finance (crowd funding) industry. However, in order to mention one potential competitor, one can say that Mary Kay disrupted the industry with their business model in a way that we will too. Mary Kay makes their consumers into re-sellers, and we will make them into shareholders so that they can earn long-term value.

Creative should NOT use

Words assosiated to luxury, fancy beauty terms or blurry superlatives. We want to be clear and disruptive. We want to be known as a company that is "doing good" for our world.

Favorite taglines

- We make fine ideas sing.
- Join the power of many.
- Great shave, no middlemen.
-Shave and grooming made simple (dollarshaveclub)
- Making exceptional wine is hard, but at Alit Wine we believe enjoying it should be simple.


Transparent, personal, available, accessable, clear, straight forward, bold, informative/substancial/based on facts, trustworthy.

Top 3 Things

organic skincare, transparent and crowdsourcing.

Additional Info

We prefer a name that can be transformed into sub-names, such as McDonalds (McFlurry, McFeast, McFeedback etc :)), the equity crowdfunding platform Pepins (Pep day, Pep talk etc.) or Twitter (Tweet, re-tweet).The purpose is to use versions of the name when naming e.g. events, our ambassadors, our community etc so that our naming and branding is consistent in everything we do.

Also, there has to be a free .com domain.

The biggest challenge of our business is to make people understand what we do, and the name has to facilitate the understanding of what we do.

Our general inspiration:
https://www.harrys.com/en/us (simplicity, pricing and communication)
https://alit.wine/ (price transparency and communication)
https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ (simplicity, pricing and communication)
https://www.pepins.com/ (crowdfunding)
https://www.kickstarter.com/ (crowdfunding)



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