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Games & Recreational

About Your Company

Multi-usage space designed for parents and kids. The space will be used for coworking / childcare, workshops for kids, workshops for parents and kids, workshops for parents only, kids birthdays. There will also be meet-up between parents with kids of similar age. This is all done in Phoenix and the space is "within" an existing space. There will be multiple locations around Phoenix.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Parents and kids (0-5 years old), both moms and dads (not only moms!), Arizona, upper middle class, parents that value the look of a place as much as they value the quality of service received.

  • https://www.theteapotus.com/

    A coffee shop super kid-friendly, located in Phoenix. However, the esthetic is not as strong as what we want to offer.

  • http://www.playlibrary.org/

    A place where you can meet and play, and also rent toys. We would like to offer similar services in the future. I like the name and their design.

  • https://playatnook.com/

    Not a direct competitor as they are located in Virginia. However, I love their name, I wish it was my name! :) I also like their esthetic (website and space). This is exactly what I have in mind when I think about my project.

  • https://www.minisocialaz.com/

    This is the most direct competitor. They offer a multi-usage room where parents can go hang out while kids are running and playing around. I like their style, although I am not a fan of the name.

Creative should NOT use

I would like to avoid play, gym, kids, child, baby, mom. I would like the creative to be one word, even one syllable if possible (maybe it is not possible...).
I can be a made-up name.
It can be French or similar to French if made-up.

Favorite taglines

I am not a fan of tagline. I may want to skip it. If necessary, I would like it to be as minimal as possible.


I want the name to sound clean, neat, simple, minimal, appealing. This is why I think one word would work over multiple words. Since the space is designed to target young kids, it would make sense if the tone of the company's name allow people to link it to children. However, it doesn't have to.

Top 3 Things

Aesthetically appealing

Additional Info

The space will be located within the existing space of these co-working creative spaces in Arizona: http://mypalettecollective.com/ -- I really like their image and how nice the website is designed, as well as their different locations.

Pinterest Mood board for the project: https://www.pinterest.com/langisss/creat...

I really like these children companies:

Super inspired by these two magazines:

Again, I really like the look and feel of the design of this competitor : https://playatnook.com/

I am French Canadian, so any word with a french twist or a french word could work.

The name must not be registered in Arizona. Every suggestion will be verified against the Arizona database. please do not provide a name idea that already exist and protected by the state. To view the list: http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Entity



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