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Real Estate & Construction

About Your Company

We are a team of realtors, architects and developers coming together to launch a very special real estate brokerage firm with a unique end to end offering for our Real Estate Investor clients. We are starting this operation in the Seattle Metro region but see ourselves in several states by the end of this year!


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Target Audience

Our clients are all big and small residential and commercial real estate investors. Our services include:
1. Brokerage for asset acquisition and asset management: The Best, Fastest and Easiest way to start Investing in Real Estate Right Now in Seattle. We take our clients from investing beginner to seasoned expert overnight, with a transformational solution that's driven by cutting-edge digital tech and backed by genuine local experts.
2. Construction & Redevelopment: An Integrated approach to custom home experience – from Plans to Design- to Build and Live! We specialize in quality remodel services, offering unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and value.
3. Investments: We specialize in forming Investment LLC’s to invest in real estate development projects in the Seattle area. Most of our projects are relatively short term in nature (18 to 30 months) and are located near employment centers and/or transit hubs. In addition, certain projects (typically apartment projects) are structured for “Mid Term” (3 to 4+ years) or “Long Term” (10+ year) holding periods.
4. Commercial: We provide independent third-party project management and general contracting services for multifamily and commercial projects. The Company has specific expertise working with banks in the evaluation and repositioning of distressed real estate assets.

Creative should NOT use

Domain names that speaks about us and helps us create our BRAND! It have a massive impact all over the web in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, to referring links, to type-in traffic, brand ability, offline advertising. As you very well know that a domain name impacts the brand and our online marketing, so this is HUGE for us!
Please follow the following guidelines:
1. A domain name for the parent group & subsidiaries: Such that the subsidiary groups follow the same pattern and style of the name. Example: The CREA8 Group will have subsidiaries like The Crea8 Real Estate LLC, The CREA8 Development LLC etc.
2. Make it brandable: Meaning that when one hears or sees the domain name, it MUST sound like a brand (So, let’s skip the hyphens and numbers – they sound generic, or strange, except CREA8!)
3. Make it pronounceable: for processing fluency please. If our clients can't easily say the name, we will lose processing fluency, memorability, and the benefits of brand ability that we have created.
4. Make it short: Length matters because of the processing fluency that we talk about above. The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, say, share, and the less it gets shortened on social media sharing platforms and search results.
5. Bias towards .com: Just because .com is the most recognized and most accessible TLD.
6. Avoid trademark infringement: No compromise here!
7. Make it intuitive: Help us find a name that gives people a strong idea what the website will be about and what are we up to!
8. Use broad keywords: Keywords in a domain name not just to help with the cognitive fluency biases, but also from an SEO perspective. Unless of course the name is like Amazon.com or Google.com. Good idea to explore global names like Nirmaan (means construction in India).
9. It's okay to append or modify it: Be creative😊

Favorite taglines

A Real Estate firm for Investors, by Investors!


Founded on the belief that high performance home building can lead to a more sustainable future, our commitment to energy efficient homes and buildings transform the traditional landscape for residential and commercial development in the Pacific North West.
Our portfolio is defined by numerous examples of world-class, award winning developments that exemplify the talent and experience of our approach. Each of our built green certified homes and workspaces are built for net zero living.
We cover all aspects of development projects, from feasibility and acquisition to consultancy, research, planning and implementation, providing bespoke design solutions for each project. Our focus throughout is to keep a measured development pipeline to improve our balance sheet and create shareholder value.
Our upscale buildings enrich the unique Seattle area neighborhoods where they are located. We understand the character of each neighborhood and bring that energy into the spaces we develop. The environments we design embrace the community, creating an iconic presence.

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Real estate brokerage , construction, Investments

Additional Info

* Innov8!
• The N8Tive Group
• Nirmaan (means construction in India)
• Home union (nice, one-word name)
• Roofstock
• Compass
• Purple Bricks



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