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Checkmarks is an app for families to instill values through daily habits. Like chores, but for instilling values-led behavior. Families create their Family Values. Kids submit daily forms demonstrating how they used their family values that day. Parents verify the forms and review with kids. Kids are awarded.


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To give families a tool to develop daily habits based on values.

To increase engaged users and provide value to the sister company "Values in a Box."

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Modern, Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal
  • Home Page

    Where Parents and Kids can go to view all sections of the app: Checkmark Forms, Results, Account Balance, Family Values

  • Checkmark Forms

    Here is where the Kid can access daily forms to complete. See attachment for the form currently on paper.

  • Results

    Here is where Kids can review the results from their Parents verifying their daily forms

  • Account Balance

    Here is where each Kids account balance is displayed with a transaction history shown with amount and date

  • Family Values

    Here is where Families can edit and create their own family values from a list of common family values. Then the value and description is displayed for Family reference.

Top 3 Things

1) What are our Family Values?
2) Checkmark Forms
3) Account Balances


I have an existing mobile app for this on the Apple App Store. Search "Checkmarks for Child" or "Checkmarks for Parent" to see. This was app v1. I am looking for a much better UX/UI and then I will get it developed. The winning app will be user-friendly for Kids ages 6-16 and Parents, alike.

Additional Info

I will start on iOS mobile, and expand as I grow my user base. Here is a PDF of the paper Checkmarks form we use in our family. I converted this to an app in the App Store called Checkmarks for Child or Checkmarks for Parent. Seeking an improved UX/UI design.




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