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Business Info

Business Name


What do you do?

We help golfers enjoy their game better using technology
The TruePutt app will give a golfer the true line for the putt. Imagine being Tiger Woods who is the best golfer in the world, putting his ball right behind yours so you can see the speed and the line that you will need to hit.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Entertainment and Sports

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your app?

Design is easy to use for golf players
It is convenient to hold in one hand and use the finger from the other hand to operate
The information on the screen is very easy to understand and read while outside and in the sun.

Style and Details

How many app screens do you need designed?

4 screens

Do your app designs need to be a particular size?

iPhone 5S size. Use the iPhone 5S frame

What mobile app styles do you like?

Golfshot GPS. Different application but very well designed and beautiful.
Apple Camera app (new iOS7 version)
Want our design to be iOS7 compatible in visual and user interface style

What colors do you want to see in your mobile app design?

The main visual will be a video that takes over the entire screen. The overlay will be composed of graphics. Use red for downhill, use black for uphill, white for level. May need to have dotted line to help see it in the sun.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your mobile app design?

green because of the color of the background will mostly be green.

What adjectives should best describe your app design?

Speaks the golfer language in its visual design

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

The enclosed wireframe should give you a good idea on how the app works. The player will launch the app and then see a video of the green they are standing on. The app knows which hole they are on. Could be helpful to put the hole# somewhere on the screen so they know the app have figured it out. But there is nothing for the golf player to do in terms of locating the course and green. The app figures it out. Similar to Uber.
The app will then overlay a typography of the green. That typography is accurate but not properly positioned on the green. The player needs to move it with their finger to snap it against the video. This is important to get maximum accuracy. The typography needs to be in a great color to be visually different than the green. Maybe red. Design a nice 3D looking typography mesh.

The player will then press button to ask the app to calculate the line and speed for the golf ball. This can take a few seconds so maybe show a progress bar.

The app then shows the line using a dotted line and a number of virtual balls to the left or right of the flag. Sometimes it shows it as number of cups, example: 2 cups to the left. The line from the ball to the cup is shown in a dotted line. Red for downhill, white for level and black for uphill speeds. The player can also press a button to see the ball rolling on the line and into the cup. Helps understand the speed.
The player has an option to press a button to say they made the putt or missed it by 1, 2 or more feet, left or right. This will help us get feedback to improve the app.
Once that is done the player will move to the next hole. There is nothing more they need to do. It wo



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