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I have been publishing The Saver, a coupon oriented magazine, in The Ohio State University campus area for the past 32 years. I also own TheSaver.com and am now creating an app and redoing my website.


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To provide OSU college students with an easy way of accumulating loyalty points, accessing coupons & placing mobile orders at several of the campus area businesses.

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Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
  • Home Page

    This page should include the following content: - The Saver Logo - Just use placeholder text for now. I will be adding a logo later. - I'm thinking of including a tag line. One possibility is "The Place to Look Before You Buy" - Profile photo of user along with their name. Option of having a "Profile Settings" button here and changing that button at bottom of page (see further below) to just "Invite Friends". - Search box where user can type in name of specific business. Needs to have a heading above or inside the box that says something like "Looking for a specific business?" or "Find Business". - "Categories" button. Clicking the link will slide out a menu from the left side of the screen which lists all the categories in alphabetical order. - Have the three horizontal line icon on the top left of every page of site so users can pull up the list of categories from wherever they're at within the app. - "My Favorites" button - Show at least one featured offer on the page, possibly 2 or 3 offers if space is available. The offer may be for one of my advertisers or a banner supplied by an ad server service. - At the bottom of every page I'd like four clickable icons with the following text by each icon: - Home - Order Now - Rewards - Settings/Invite Friends

  • Multiple Business Display Page

    This is the page which will appear if user searches for all the businesses within a category or if they search for a business by name and get a result which consists of multiple businesses. This list will include anywhere from 2 to 20 businesses. List the following for each business: - Business Name & Logo. Clicking on either will take user to that business' home page. - Open or closed icon - Address & phone #, each of which is clickable - List of categories they're in. Clicking on a category will jump user to that category list. - Distance from current location - Order Now icon. - View Coupons icon. - View Saver ad. Clicking on this will bring up an image of their Saver ad which they can pinch on to zoom in. - Icon for linking to their website. If it looks like the page is going to be too cluttered then we can remove some of the above items. Use your discretion as to what you think should be removed.

  • Listing Page for a Single Business

    This is the page a user will get when they type in a business name in the search field or click on a specific business when they are on the page which lists multiple businesses. These are the elements I'd like on the page: - Business’ logo - Show their rating. I have to confirm that the online ordering system allows for rating once an order is completed. - Address with a “map” button. - Show distance from current location and have a "Directions" button. Clicking the button will load in a navigation app like google maps. - Order Now. This will take the user to their mobile ordering page. Will only work for my restaurant clients. - Request an Uber & COTA buttons (COTA is the bus service in Columbus. Clicking the button will take user to their navigation page). - "Open" or "Closed" listed with Today’s Hours: 9:00am - 11:00pm Include something to click on to show hours for the week. - Phone number in form of a button so user can click on it to dial. - e-mail us icon which will launch e-mail application and open new email addressed to client. - Link to website. Clicking on it will open browser and load page. - Coupons & Specials. Clicking on it will take user to a new page which lists them. - Rewards. Clicking on it will take the user to that business' rewards page. - View our Saver Ad. Clicking this will bring up their ad with an X to close the ad. Need to be able to zoom in on the ad by pinching. - Reviews (way to write or read). Clicking on it will take user to their reviews page. - Add to Favorites button. Maybe just display a heart and have it just outlined if not a favorite and red if it is. - Share with a Friend. I need some suggestions on how that should function. - Links to their facebook, Instigram, Twitter accounts.

Top 3 Things

Savings, convenience, loyalty rewards


The main colors used should be scarlet & gray like Ohio State, but don't use the Ohio State logo or any content that could be trademarked by the university. Do not match the design to my current site (TheSaver.com), because I will be redoing my website to match this app. It needs to be easy to use and very intuitive. My market demographic is college students, design accordingly. The design should appeal to both men and women, I only specified masculine on the previous question because CrowdSpring required me to choose a gender.

Additional Info

I will be selecting a winner based on the three pages I requested and the winning designer will then need to create six additional pages to fulfill this project. These remaining pages will be simpler to create because the look will already be established and they contain less content. Let me know if you'd like me to share more specifics.
You can visit my site at TheSaver.com to get a sense of what we do but don't design based on that look because I will be redoing my site to match the look of this app.



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