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arsca's mission is to create a seamless integration between technology and the human experience. We want technology to be a tool to leverage the advancement of humanity, as opposed to the current times where companies are chasing technology fads. Our target audience is the average adult user -- the working person or the homemaker. Working folks have a specific number of things they want to know when they wake up - what time is it? What's the weather going to be (so that I know what to wear), and when's my first meeting / what are my appointments of the day, so I know how fast I have to get my day going. You also want to know if there are any commuting delays. For the homemaker with kids and a family, you'd want to know what time is it, what's the weather so you can dress your kids, and if there are any delays in traffic. These people have daily routines that can be improved through technology. We want to help them.


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The goal of the app is to help you get ready for your day.

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  • Sans-serif

Concrete, Organic, Luxurious, Mature, Serious, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
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    This is your main dashboard. It has support for: - Default background image - Custom background image set by user (meaning any overlaid functionality will need to work with varying backgrounds; may need some level of gradient or opacity adjusted overlay -- designer's choice, deferring to your expertise) The theme is that the app is human, it's personalized, it's designed for you and helping you with your life. It's kickstarting your day so it should be peaceful to ease you into your morning routine. ***Primary focus: Time of day, the other functionality e.g. weather, traffic, commute is secondary*** It has to fulfill the following functions: 1- What time is it? (required, will always be present) 2- What is the weather? (required, will always be present) 2a: Can render as Fahrenheit or Celsius 2b: Includes city (location) 2c: Includes high/low temp 2d: Includes icon representing projected forecast for the day (e.g. sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, rainy, light rain, snow, etc.) Depending on what features users enable, these are the optional modules that can appear: 1- First appointment of the day (e.g. "Meeting with Bob at 2pm"; optimal copy up tod esigner) 2- Commute length (car) & notification of any delays (an example can be: 22min to <address/location> (moderate delays), but deferring to designer to pick best UX) 3- For public transportation folks, 3a: Train users: Upcoming train times and tracks 3b: Subway users: Upcoming subway times + subway line(s) you use 3c: Bus users: Upcoming bus times

Top 3 Things

Human, Helping, Peaceful


The winning mobile app has a universal appeal. It solves a core need for the average adult person trying to get by in life. I should be able to wake up, open this app, and feel like I'm ready to take on the world!

Additional Info

Sketch file is preferred.
Use free fonts. Free everything.
If you can find a free weather icon set, great.
It should gracefully adapt the UI depending on what features the user toggles on or off.



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