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Business Info

Business Name


What do you do?

Sharecro is a unique social trading application that presents stocks as more than just words, charts, graphs, numbers, and other complexities. In Sharecro stock information is aggregated, organized, and expressed in the form of images. Publicly traded companies are represented by virtual farm creatures known as "Tradables." Tradables use a simple algorithm to reflect the intrinsic value of a public company despite market optimism or pessimism, but none of this matter's right now. So i'm going to cut the crap and get right to business. I need 7 app screens and an app icon done. I look forward to working with you!

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Stock Brokering Software.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your app?

1. Social Activity/Connectability
2. Farmlife/Google-like Simplicty
3. Creativity-Colorfulness

Style and Details

How many app screens do you need designed?

I need 7 screens all detailed and layered with your very own designs. I have pictures explaining each screen and I've also explained theme below.

1. Home Screen:
This screen needs to display our social aspects. Pictures of people and etc. Our one-liner/phrase is "Chase Something" is the sign in/ sign up button for our app, because "chasing" is a word we use alot throughout our app. Our mascot is a crow, and I kind of want their to be little white crows flying off into one direction or maybe even coming together to form our logo ontop of the pictures of people.

2. Main App Screen:
Our primary theme is "farm life" and I want their to be lots of bright/natural colors on this screen. This screen is going to basically be a farm, broken into 5 parts. A tab bar below, Portfolio(Barn), Account(Scarecro), Network(Trees), and Home(Farmhouse). Like in the picture i've supplied, I would like each to have a Window of some sort over each section. In the background I would like for their to be other farm things, like fields, lakes, fences, other farms, buildngs, etc. Also in the sky I would like for their to be tiny images of people, let me explain; When the app launches, the user's Facebook/Twitter friends profile pics will form a constantly changing collage of images in the sky to give the farm a touch or personality. Their names will also be in the top left corner. At the bottom of the screen there will be either a tab bar with icons or just tab icons. There are 5 icons that I need down their. An icon for a voice recognition/command feature (maybe like some lips or sound waves), a Help/FAQ/Info icon( a "?" maybe), an icon for a search tool, an icon for a upgrade feature, and an icon that will take users to our website. That pretty much wraps it up for that screen.

3. Network Screen:
I want this screen to offer users two options. Option 1: Friends Screen: Connecting with Facebook/Twitter friends. Option 2, form/join a syndicate (investment group).

3a. I want the Friends Screen to just be a list of about bunch of friends/profile pictures, with the words "Add" next to their picture. Pretty much just like every other social network. Nothing crazy here.

3b. I want the Syndicate 2 screen to be a series of "webs." I've attached a photo below of what I mean by webs. A syndicate is an investment group. Investment groups can be 5 - 10 members, and users can only belong to 5 syndicates so I want to show a 3 or 4 web's with people's faces in them. The leader of the group is in the middle and the faces of the other members of the group are linked to the picture creating a little web.

4. Portfolio Screen:
This is going to be exactly like the Company screen but with a barn background. It will not have, the tab icon Chase Us because company's in the Portfolio are either already bought or being chased if their in there.

5. Sector Screen:
This screen is going to pretty much be a large green planet in outerspace made entirely of grass valley's and cropfields. The planet is going to be an interactive sphere that will spin like a globe when users touch it.The farm will need to be ontop of it so users can go back to the Home Screen. The sphere will display the 9 sectors of the stock market divided into segments seperated by grids. The 9 sectors are Technology, Energy, Utilities, Services, Healhcare, Financials, Materials, Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods.

6. Industry Screen:
When a user selects one of the 9 sectors, he is directed to the individual industry that are inside, aka the Industry Screen. This screen will basically be interactive, multi-colored cropfields with the name of industries on the fields. There are far to many industries to cover so I want to focus on an easy one. I want the Sector to be "Utilities" and the industries to be Electric, Gas, Water, Foreign, and Diversified.

7. Company Screen:
This screen is perhaps the most important. This screen is where users company information is shown to the user. Company's, in our app, our displayed as Tradables. Tradables are virtual farm animals. I would like for their to be a health bar at the top and a tab bar at the bottom. The Health bar at the top is going to broken down into 20 segments. When all the segments are filled the company in question is healthy, doing well, and highly valuable. The less it has the worse it's health/value is. I want the tab bar with 5 icons, or 5 stand-alone tab icons at the bottom to be an icon for "Buy/Sell" an icon labeled "Chase Us," an icon for connecting to one of the companies social networks (Facebook/Twitter), a Help/FAQ icon, and a lever that users can move back and forth on a slide with their finger that has 7 stops: 1D (One Day), 1W (One Week), 3M (Three Months), 6M (Six Months), 1Y (One Year), 5Y (Five Year). This will allow users to see the operating history of the company as compared to now.

Do your app designs need to be a particular size?

All icons and buttons needs to be created and delivered in both iPad and iPhone and in both Retina and non-retina size.

What mobile app styles do you like?

Apart from the Apple apps which are obviously well designed, I like a number of iPad apps including FlipBoard, Spotify, Zinio, Instagram, Google's Website, Paper, Pages, Roambi Flow, but most importantly StockTouch. The StockTouch app has alot of features that Sharecro will have.

What colors do you want to see in your mobile app design?

Make up your own mind on this. The logo is primarily Apple iPod white with a powerful orange as a secondary color. But I don't want to see it over used, as a matter of fact I want it to be used as scarcely as possible.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your mobile app design?

I have no preference.

What adjectives should best describe your app design?

Sexy, simple, easy, fun, interactive, transparent, social, sticky, intuitive, artistic, creative, smart, unique, orignial, fresh, personal, warm, styish, un-conservative, revolutionary, convenient, intelligent, exciting.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

The most critical requirement is to design an app icon and app screens that are layered, detailed and compelling.



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