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Couples in relationships


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Encourage daily connection with their significant other in meaningful ways.

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Concrete, Economical, Mature, Feminine, Modern, Organic, Playful, Minimal
  • Homepage

    This will be the first page users see when they open the app. The header will include a link to the users profile, the Como Amo logo, and a link to navigate the app. Below the header will be a series of 8 categories presented to the user to choose from for the day. The categories will be Heartfelt, Thoughtful, Intimate, Quickie, Nostalgic, Inspired, Gratitude, and Fight Club. A category can have its own icon that symbolizes the category's subject matter. Users may also be able to upload a personal photo to the categories.

  • Category Prompts

    A user will select a category from the Homepage and this will lead them to the 'category prompt' page. This will have the same header as the homepage. A notecard will appear in the body of the screen that will have the category's prompt for the day. The user can choose to "go back" or "write." If they go back, they will go back to the homepage and can select from an other category. If they choose to "write" then they can use this prompt to compose their message.

  • Composition Page

    The composition page will have 5 elements that the user will able to select and modify. The 5 elements are stationary, font, greeting, message/body, and closing. The user can personalize or use default settings. (1) The different default setting page formats will be similar to personalized stationary options. These could include stationary colors, designs/styles, monograms, seasonal, or a watermark of an uploaded picture. (2) There will be several font style options. (3) The greeting will have a deafult salutation followed by the recipient's name/nickname; both aspects of the greeting can be changed/modified. (4) The message/body will be based include the prompt selected. This will be autofilled in the message. The user can edit the prompt as they prefer. The user will also be able to add to the message to personalize. (5) The closing will have a default closing followed by the user's name/nickname. Both aspects of the closing can be changed/modified.

  • Recipient's Notification

    Recipient opens app that has a new note notification. The user clicks on the new notification to access letter.

  • Recipient's Letter

    An envelope appears and opens up. The note appears. The header is the same (user profile, logo, navigation). The new letter is the main content of the screen. The recipient can Like with an emoji such as smiley face, heart eyes, blushing, wink, or a kiss. The recipient can also 'reply' and .

  • Recipient's reply

    The composition page can be personalized with the same 5 elements (stationary, font, greeting, body, closing). The note they are responding to can be accessed by switching back or their could be a smaller view above or to the side of the composition page. The footer of the page will have the options to save or send.

Top 3 Things

Romanticism, Modernity, and Connection


An inviting, easy to use, private exchange for couples to use to connect in a real, meaningful way. It is appealing to both men and women. There are not hearts, unicorns, or rainbows in the design. It needs to appeal to couples, married couples, parents, etc.

Additional Info

The logo will be a separate project. You can use the attached image as a placeholder or you can just use filler text.



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