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Creative brief

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Business Name

App Masters LLC

What do you do?

Develop apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

What is your industry?


What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your app?

1. Fun game to play with two or more people.
2. Hilarious improvisational game for parties and family gatherings.
3. If you can talk, you can play the storytelling game.

How many app screens do you need designed?

We need one (1) screen/wallpaper. We need one (1) icon.

Do your app designs need to be a particular size?

__iPhone / iPod Touch Resolution (326 PPI) = 640x960 – Portrait * 640x1136 – Portrait * __iPad / Mini Resolution (132 PPI) = 768x1024 – Portrait * __iPad Retina Resolution (264 PPI) = 1536x2048 – Portrait *

What mobile app styles do you like?

Since this is an app that is fun for all ages (5 to 95), a design that's more universal, rather than too juvenile or too elderly.

What colors do you want to see in your mobile app design?

Blue with complimenting colors.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your mobile app design?

Uncomplimentary colors.

What adjectives should best describe your app design?

Hilarious, fun, improvisational, surprising, party, socially engaging. Overall, we're looking for designs that have depth, detail and are compellingly interesting, illustrating the resulting experience of the app.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

Concepts for illustrations have included two or more people sitting crossed-legged in a circle, one person with a thought bubble saying “Once upon a…” and that person is handing a microphone to the next person, because this app records the story that’s being told by the group of two or more people.

Another concept attempts to distill the experience to the essentials, which has resulted in two hands, each with a thought bubble above them. The thought bubble above the hand on the left, which is handing the microphone to the hand on the right says, “Once upon a…” and the thought bubble on the right is empty.

Feel open to suggest your creativity, especially if it conveys the user experience particularly well.

Brief updates

By appmasters on 19-Sep-13 8:58 p.m. GMT
Artist Friends,

Why isn't our project "ASSURED?"

We had used a well-known service previously, which shall remain nameless, and found the illustrations of low quality (amateurish), and the customer support of the service was very slow and incomplete. For these reasons, since this is our first time using crowdSpring, we're feeling cautious. We're sure you can understand, right? Otherwise, we would be classifying our project as "ASSURED."

We're artists and entrepreneurs, and we feel strongly that you should be rewarded for your work. You can feel confident that we don't intend on asking for a refund. We are "assured" that we'll get better results here. So, submit with confidence. We're ready to be wowed.

John and Jeff
By crowdSPRING on 1-Oct-13 9:12 p.m. GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that the buyer in this project has requested a refund. And, because we offer Buyers a money back guarantee, sometimes we have to make good on that promise.

Thanks so much for your efforts and creativity.

The cS crew