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Creative brief

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Business Name

Project Beach

What do you do?

A mobile commerce app

What is your industry?

Advertising and Marketing

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your app?

- Relax
- Fun, easy usage
- Cartoon graphics, like habbo hotel

How many app screens do you need designed?

One. It's a mobile commerce app.

Do your app designs need to be a particular size?

Iphone 5 screen size

What mobile app styles do you like?

- Habbo hotel

What colors do you want to see in your mobile app design?

All the colors you can find on a beach will be fine, so the color of the sky, the sea, the sand..

What colors do you NOT want to see in your mobile app design?

I don't want to see any shocking color

What adjectives should best describe your app design?

- Unique design, far away from the iPhone standard controls
- Fun, cartoon, a little bit like a game

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

It's a mobile commerce app with three simple screens: an home screen, the order creation screen and the order confirmation screen.

Information and controls to be presented:
- Shop's name
- Generic info (Address, telephone number..)
- Photo gallery, a manual slideshow of 5-6 images with page scrolling functionality
- Shop's promotions and events

Informations and controls to be presented:
- Products category selection (e.g. shirts, pants, shoes..)
- Products list view
- Product full screen view
- In both views for each product it will be presented the following informations: product's name, short description, price, discount, ordered quantity and a button for setting the product as favorite.
- In the full screen view it will be possible select the product's variants (e.g. for the shoes the variants could be the colors: blue, red, yellow..)
- Every product must have the possibilities to be ordered specifing the ordered quantity with two buttons: add quanity button and remove quantity button
- every ordered product goes into the cart. The cart will be reachable through a button always on screen, on this button there will be a badge containing the total number of products ordered

Informations and controls to be presented:
- The complete ordered products list (like a receipt) in read only mode.
- A button for activate the order edit, after press this button it will be possible to change the quantity for every product in list
- A text box for delivery Address entry
- A text box for delivery date/time entry
- Checkout button

Brief updates

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By crowdSPRING on 1-Feb-13 4:15 p.m. GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that the buyer in this project has requested a refund. And, because we offer buyers a money back guarantee, sometimes we have to make good on that promise.

To reward the loyal creatives who worked hard on this project and all the others on the site, we've taken the proceeds from this project and used them to fund our monthly cS Awards program. The cS Awards are issued every month based on varying criteria but are a simple way that we give back to the community and reward our creatives.

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