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Starts:19-May-12 1:12 a.m. GMT

Ends:9-Jun-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $900, was awarded to LIUDESIGN


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Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name


What do you do?

Maynebridge develops mobile, social and cloud-based technology applications and architecture and delivers integrated end-to-end solutions.

We conceive, plan, design, build, test, roll out and support mobile apps exploiting object and service oriented architectures and agile programming disciplines.

What is your industry?

Maynebridge is focused initially on the financial sector but plans to diversify into education and healthcare.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your app?

* Simplicity
* Ease of Use
* Quality and refinement

How many app screens do you need designed?

Here is a list of what is needed:
* Main App Icon. This needs to be detailed and layered. It will drive the overall color scheme.
The App Icon can be of your own design. One idea would be to start with a golden-copper disc that may alternately be perceived as a coin or as the Sun. Set in front of this might appear a cornucopia of flowers, fruit and corn, or alternatively a corn plant in which the sheaves are bent away from the ear of corn in the shape of the letter K. This is one idea I would like to see explored, but again you may come up with your own concept. The themes that resonate likely include small change and growth/harvest.

* The overall color scheme. It is expected that this will comprise 2-3 complementary colors, which will be used primarily in the Toolbar/Navigation Bar that appears at top of each screen and in the Bar Buttons that live on those Toolbars / Navigation Bars.
* Image files to be used as background image for the Toolbars/Navigation Bars, and for the Buttons.
* Button image files should be stretchable (repeatable pixels in horizontal center) and have rounded corners.
* Image files to be used in Table Row backgrounds: One for the "Featured" table (see IMG_0108.jpg) and another for the "Search" table (see IMG_0109.jpg).
* 2 Tab Bar Icons: Representing "Explore (Browse)" and representing "My Loans". These will replace the current "Featured" and "My Loans" Tab Bar Icons that can be seen in the attached screenshots.
* 1 Basket Toolbar Icon. The current basket icon is okay, but too large compared to other toolbar icons. All toolbar icons should have a similar weight.
* 1 Settings Gear Toolbar icon. Similar to the basket icon, the current Settings Gear icon is too large.
* 2-3 Simple placeholder images at multiple resolutions (retina, non-retina) to display while requested image downloads.
* 1 Button representing "Add to basket" See the buttons labeled "Select Amount" and "Remove" in attached file IMG_0111.jpg.

Do your app designs need to be a particular size?

All icons and buttons needs to be created and delivered in both iPad and iPhone and in both Retina and non-retina size according to specifications in attached file named Icon_Sizes.pdf

What mobile app styles do you like?

Apart from the Apple apps which are obviously well designed, I like a number of iPad apps including FlipBoard, Zite, Waze, Notability, Google, Facebook (but its often too slow)

What colors do you want to see in your mobile app design?

A Sky Blue, that is perhaps skewing toward slate. Can be a gradient. Used as background color for Toolbars.
A Gold that would suggest both coinage and corn. This would be used for buttons on the Toolbar, i.e. foreground. Needs to be done in a way that does not look childish, corny, kitsch.
The button representing "Add to basket" might be an earth brown-red color, but more brown than red.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your mobile app design?

I would like to keep green to a minimum. If green is used, it should tie in directly to the predominant green used on

What adjectives should best describe your app design?

* Simple
* Clean
* Smart

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

This app, which will be free, will enable both existing Kiva members as well as people simply curious about micro-finance to browse pre-sorted micro-lending opportunities (loans); search for loans by specific attributes; view loan details, including background stories, borrower photos and videos; pledge funding to a basket of loans and submit the basket to Kiva website; view loans they've made already; see loans geographically; review country economic indicators by reviewing data mash ups; share loans on social networks; and save and synchronize preference settings between devices.

The app is structured around four tabs for initial release. Each tab is an iPad Split View (i.e., like iPad Mail, Notes, Reminders, etc) with a Master list of loan results that's on screen in landscape mode and a Detail view of loan details for the loan select in the Master View. Of the four tabs, three are identical loan master-detail and one is a Country List master and selected country detail. In addition, there are popup modal windows for viewing the Basket of loans, and for changing preference settings.

The most critical requirement is to design an App Icon that is layered, detailed and compelling. This will in turn drive the color scheme for Toolbars and bar button items. For example, the toolbar background might be a sky blue and the toolbar button items a golden sun. The App Icon could be a golden disk that simultaneously suggests both a bright copper penny and the Sun, in front of an ear of Indian corn with leaves falling off in the shape of a K (for Kiva). I also need a button for pledging amount to lend. Also need custom tabbar icons and toolbar icons and placeholder images as described below. Extra credit for map pins that resemble pennies (dropped from heaven). Would be very good if the color scheme in some way references the color scheme used on (see also attached logo file).

I do not want a green bar background. That has already been done in an iPhone app (see iKiva on the Apple App Store).

Please see I do NOT want to replicate this website. But may be good to make reference to it in terms of color, font. That is, would be good to tie in to, but have a very distinct, unique look.

Brief updates

By mpkeefe on 20-May-12 7:04 p.m. GMT
Although I have included some ideas for the App Icon, please do not regard this as a requirement. In general, I will be more impressed with ideas that start with a totally clean slate!

Likewise with color scheme: the one key requirement I do have is that when my app is used on an iPhone, it should be quite distinct from any other iPhone app in the same space.
By mpkeefe on 20-May-12 7:52 p.m. GMT
Forgot to mention that I also need two simple left and right arrow button images for the SegmentedControl in the top toolbar center on the right-hand detail side of the screenshots. This control allows the user to navigate between levels of detail.
By mpkeefe on 24-May-12 2:39 a.m. GMT
Some notes about what I'm expecting.

I'm really looking to convey a refined level of quality and a sense that micro-lending is an intelligent way to make a difference. I do not want the app icon to come across as lightweight or lite. I am hoping to see a hand-crafted, detailed and layered illustration that makes subtle and effective use of texture, light and shadow, and a coherent use of color.

By mpkeefe on 24-May-12 5:05 p.m. GMT
I would like to add to my brief that my target audience for the app is adults, people who have the discretionary money to consider sharing it with other people in need.

I am not targeting children at all and I don't go for apps that look childish.

I want both the App Icon and the overall visual identity to convey that this is a High Quality App -- if you download this app, you will not be disappointed, because it works every bit as good as it looks.
By mpkeefe on 25-May-12 2:34 p.m. GMT
I would like to ask everyone to drop the "Corn" suggestion I made in the original project brief. It's not working. I will say that when I used the word "corn" I was actually visualizing it in the 'old world' sense, which for many, probably the vast majority in the modern world would use the term "wheat shaft". In any event, please no more corn!
By mpkeefe on 27-May-12 12:18 a.m. GMT
Since I am travelling for the next few days and because there have been many false starts due to suggestions made in the Project Brief, I am extending the project deadline by seven days. Please read the Project Brief updates. I will try to add further clarity with regard to app icon and overall approach. Thanks, Mark
By mpkeefe on 27-May-12 12:47 p.m. GMT
I regret to say that none of the images submitted so far for the App Icon are anywhere close to what I need for KivaBridge. Please no more wallets, coins, money, corn and wheat and suns.

I think it may be better to go away from figurative objects altogether.

I have added two image files to the project brief: kivaloans_2.jpg and kiva_logo_hiRez_1.jpg. These images are downloaded from the website.

The full link to public logo and images from Kiva is

What I would like to see is to take the letter k out of these image files, and see what you can do with it. Please keep it very simple. Less is more, as the saying goes. It should convey quality through the attention to very fine detail.

You can try playing with color, both foreground and background. I would be interested to see how it would look to add realistic detail to the leaves and stem of the K, that is adding veins to the leaves.

Once again, I ask people to look carefully at the Kiva website,, to get a sense of what this app is really about, especially the link above, the Lend page *read a few borrower stories) and the About page.

By mpkeefe on 27-May-12 2:52 p.m. GMT
For the App Icon, I would like to see somebody take the K and give it realistic detail, for example, add leaf and stem anatomy (veins, midrib, petioles, stipules, etc) and/or make it variegated. Setting the K in front of an interesting natural background may also be an approach worth looking at. Again, I like to see an emphasis on Simplicity with a high degree of fine detail: translucence, texture, shadow, natural lighting. A single drop of water on the leaf might look interesting, if it is well done, If it looks in any way cheesy, leave it out!

For the User Interface, I like approaches that use a high degree of realism: that is, look like an actual object in the real world. I like detail: shadow, texture, highlight.

I know this is hard. But it is for a very good cause. I hope people who care about such things might take the time to pass along to friends that here is an opportunity to meaningfully participate.
By mpkeefe on 29-May-12 2:31 a.m. GMT
I've attached a photo of mint leaves that might be used as one example for the leaf veins (IMG_1310.jpg). I don't really want to change the leaf outline shape from how its drawn in the logo image files. But I would like to see greater realism in stem and leaf anatomy. People could easilty google images of leaves to get other better ideas.
By mpkeefe on 31-May-12 5:26 p.m. GMT
Another suggestion for the App Icon: try looking at photographic images of rice plants standing in water. Can this be used to make the letter k ?
By mpkeefe on 5-Jun-12 8:04 p.m. GMT
By the way, I'd like to correct a misperception, raised recently. I have not and would not ask and Creative to copy another Creative's unique concept or element. Of course, people may understand different things by "unique". Nonetheless, I've never asked anybody to replicate. I have frequently made it known which entries I like best and why, as well as what isn't working. I believe that using all your technical and artistic skills, your communication, effort, responsiveness and excitement to try to come up with the look and feel that best satisfies what the Buyer is looking for is what its all about.
By mpkeefe on 7-Jun-12 1:48 p.m. GMT
Hi Everyone,

This design contest is coming to a close in two more days. I still have not seen designs for some of the screenshots in the original Project Brief, eg, IMG_0114.jpg and IMG_0112.jpg.

Some really great, thoughtful and even beautiful entries have been submitted.

I wish everyone best of luck.