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Starts: 16-Feb-12 11:46 a.m. GMT

Ends: 4-Mar-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $2100, was awarded to MacArvy

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Barcode Beasties requires a complete overhaul. The game has built up a good following but that was based on app design created by techies. Yes you can figure out how that look. Feel free to look at some screen shots here ... https://market.android.com/search?q=barcode+bea... but DO NOT LET THAT SWAY YOUR DESIGN. In fact designs that are similar are ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED.

Saying that, the only well designed part is the "scanning barcode" where you can see lots of our little monsters waiting for the scan.

We need your expertise to do this. We are a team of fantastic programmers. But we cannot design for toffee. We need you to be a good UI / UX designer along with having the creative flair to design the next big gaming app.

Update 17-Feb-12 GMT
Attention Creatives. I check the profile of everybody applying to the process. Here's what will give you an instant pass:

1) Winning any competition


2) Having some designs in your porfolio

If you are just a "lurker" and have only been involved in some designs without putting anything in your portfolio, then you must forward me some of your example work, urls etc.

After 24 hours, if you haven't done this, then I will cliick the "no entry" box to the design competition. You can always PM me later and I will tick the "ok" box, but I have a large number of entries and don't want to get people to see other creative's work unless they are actively involved (especially if they are from a competitor!).

I hope that clears up why some of you haven't been given the "green light" yet.

Additionally, we are based in the UK, so I'll only be able to feedback via the site during social hours here.
Update 19-Feb-12 GMT
Please - if you have no portfolio work on crowdspring then PM me with details of your portfolio work. I have set the bar very low to get enabled on this project - I just need to see 1 example piece of work.

Otherwise, after 24 hours, I reject you at the application phase. I am online pretty much all hours right now, so you will get an acceptance WITHIN HOURS of your application, unless you have no previous work. In which case, PM me with details.

(obviously this does not apply to all you hard working already accepted creatives).
Update 22-Feb-12 GMT
For those who have external portfolios but can't PM me with their crowdspring portfolio details , email me at richard@barcodebeasties.com .
Update 1-Mar-12 GMT
I need the weekend to give feedback and assess what you guys have all done. One of the things I'll be checking against is the list of assets I required. Even if you have done something in draft, please make sure you've submitted it - and you can note against it that you can improve / revise it after the competition end date. Please make sure you have submitted something for each category OR tell me what you have missed. I will be checking !!!
Update 3-Mar-12 GMT
Creatives - tonight I am going to be putting your best work to the vote of our most active players. Make sure you've submitted your work by 10pm UK time tonight as that's when I will be sending the vote invite.