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Starts: 11-Jan-12 3:48 a.m. GMT

Ends: 25-Jan-12 3:48 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $850, was awarded to budihar...

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Project BELLISSIMO is the v2.0 re-design of a popular iPhone app in the lottery space, which is approaching its one millionth download. Our app is both informational and fun for the lottery player - but is not itself a gambling app. This new design will provide more information, improve usability and (with your help) have more character than the existing version. We have myBalsamiq mock-ups that articulate the new functionality and workflow - but need your help to bring it to life (visual design and UI review)!<br /><br />BELLISSIMO is an excellent project for someone looking to expand your portfolio: the winner's work will be live within weeks, be used by a large installed base and (we hope, continue to) be a Top App in the Apple App Store. You will have significant creative flexibility, working with an experienced, successful team. The design must be compatible with Android (although the deliverable for this project is iPhone design only).<br /><br /><br />

Update 12-Jan-12 GMT
Increased award and simplified/ reduced deliverables, please provide input on how else we might improve this project. Thanks.
Update 13-Jan-12 GMT
Hi Creatives!,

OK, to get the ball rolling, I am looking to see just a single design (you can pick which screen suits your muse), and a short sentence or two on your vision for the app.

- John
Update 14-Jan-12 GMT
Hi Creatives,

The UI mockup files are to demonstrate functionality only. feel free to move tabs/ buttons/ text around as you deem fit for your design ideas.
- John
Update 16-Jan-12 GMT
Hi all - starting to see at least one designer 'break-away' from the UI mockup a little bit (which is great - I'm no designer!). Here's a few tips:

1) NO SQUARE NUMBERS (exception: the spin wheel for the "Generate Lucky Numbers" screen
--> lottery players are used to seeing numbers as BALLS, and we want to stick with this convention wherever possible

2) We LIKE the spin-wheel (it's an Apple convention and similar to slot machines, which we presume aligns with lotto players' interests) - creative variants on this are encouraged, but you don't need to develop a different number generator design (for example, we have a design where user selects balls, like Florida Lotto - but we like spin-wheel better).

3) The UI mockup is 'flat' and 2-D: in most of the designs so far, my (boring) UI mockup is being translated TOO LITERALLY. I know that deviating can be risking - if you have an idea you want to run by me first, just send me a message. I will NOT share your ideas with other creatives, beyond scoring designs I really like high.

Update 21-Jan-12 GMT
we will NOT be extending the deadline - the project has been running for ~10 days now, there are still four days left, and it would not be fair to the designers who have been working on the project from the beginning.

we need at least one screen to evaluate your design, preferably 2.

Please do not wait until the end to submit your design(s).

- John