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Starts:4-Mar-13 5:59 p.m. GMT

Ends:20-Mar-13 4:59 p.m. GMT


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There are no materials for this project.

Creative brief

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Business Name

crowdSPRING is curious to see what kind of advertising creativity we have in the community, so we are launching this project to see what you all can do.YOUR CHALLENGE: Create a "campaign pitch" for the US Congress as the "client."

What kind of ad campaign do you need?

As we know Congress's approval ratings are under 15% and they could use some help improving their image through creative advertising, marketing, PR, social media, etc. Basically we will ask participants to help them to improve their brand image through a campaign. We are looking for entire creative campaigns, or partial campaigns – anything really: print ads, mailers, internet campaigns, social media, stunts, PR wherever your imagination takes you!

Describe your audience

Advertising and Marketing

What type of advertising materials are you looking for?

We are asking participants to submit any ideas you want as part of your pitch such as:

Ideas for TV commercials
Ideas for social media
Ideas for stunts or PR
Ideas for radio copy
Ideas for print ads or email blasts

We want written ideas, visual ideas, anything: you can submit drawings, graphics, anything. Just pitch it the way you think best communicates your idea. Go crazy, get creative, wow us with your most wonderful ideas!

What would you like to communicate to your audience through these materials?

The US Congress must have some redeeming qualities. We challenge you to find a way to give hope to citizens of the world that they are not all that bad. Seriously, help us to help them to help everyone!

How do you intend to use these advertising materials (print, web, etc.)

Television, internet, print, theater, dance, guerrilla street art and mobile devices. You name it - let's use it.

What content must be included?

We are flexible here.

You can choose to pitch one or two of the suggestions above, come up with a completely new concept, or make an all-inclusive pitch.

The content can be all written or you can include images, drawings, story boards, etc. Entries are to be submitted as a PDF, and please be sure to use a font that is clear and large enough to read easily.

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

We are wide open to your creativity. We would love to see all sorts of approaches as long as it meets the goal of elevating people's opinion of our Congress.

What is your required length in words or pages for these advertising materials?

There is no set requirement for the length in words or pages.

Do you want to include additional info?

Here is some information about The United States Congress to get you started:

Brief updates

By crowdSPRING on 5-Mar-13 9:56 p.m. GMT
We understand people are not thrilled with congress, and this is why they need a POSITIVE public relations campaign. To clarify - we are not looking for suggestions on how they fix the problem, we are looking for what they are doing RIGHT, and for HOPE that things will be better soon.

A few years ago, a BP oil platform created a giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. After that, they needed a BIG PR campaign to help smooth things over with the public. Please use this for inspiration. Here are some examples of what they did:

Committed to America

Finding solutions

Energy outlook for America

BP sponsored Tourism ads for the Gulf States

Print campaign
By crowdSPRING on 1-Apr-13 3:49 p.m. GMT
Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in this experimental project. Our team has been reviewing the entries and having a tough time because there are so many outstanding proposals.

We will be announcing the winners very soon. Thanks for your patience and your creativity.

~ The cS Crew