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Sensual Couples is a new division of Adam & Eve, the largest adult product company in the US. Our new division focuses specifically on the couples market and our tag line is "Keeping Passion in Monogamy" Our products are intended for hetero-sexual couples in long term relationships who might like a little help keeping the heat in their love lives.


We want an approximately 15 minute sensual fantasy script that will be recorded onto CD. We sell the CD and sensual products to go with it. Couples act out what is described without having to say or do anything other than what is directed.

We want 4 different sensual fantasy scripts, but are starting with one to see how this works.

Feel free to contact us if you don't want to work on the same idea as other writers.


Many couples think play acting a fantasy could be fun but it can be difficult or even embarassing to come up with and role play a fantasy on their own. Different narrated fantasies allow couples to choose something that sounds fun while reducing the "self exposure". Couple follows what is being said, making it easier to try new things.


Here is a rough idea of what we are looking for. You need to complete the script so we can send it to a voice artist to record.

Except for the last few sentences, every word you write will be spoken by the old man.

Feel free to ask questions.

Narrated Fantasy - Harem Girl

Couple plays the parts - Female plays harem girl - Male plays eunuch

Recorded voice is the Old Man

Write like from the ancient Middle East

Written directions will tell the couple how to get started before starting the CD.

Incense burning, warm water and soft wash cloth, soft towel, cup of ice

Mid eastern music plays until women emerges from bathroom wearing blindfold.

Male changes CD track to begin fantasy

Old man tells eunuch to leads girl to the bed, lay her on her back and

secures her hands and feet to under bed restraints,

While this is being done, old man recounts the below background:

Beautiful girl is the daughter of a lowly shopkeeper in the bazaar

Girl spotted by the sultan and brought to the palace to please the sultan

Old man is blind with arthritic hands that no longer work

Long ago, he was a great warrior, then sultans fathers trusted bodyguard

He taught current sultan as a boy to fight then taught him lovemaking

Old sultan died, new sultan now in charge

Old man now prepares young women for the sultans pleasure

Old mans hands are withered so he will tell a eunuch how to prepare the girl for an evening with the sultan

Old man tells girl all the sensual things that are going to happen tonight. How much pleasure she will have witht he sultan and not to be afraid.

Old man tells eunuch to use his hands and fingers to stroke feet, calves, thighs, then arms, hands, shoulders

Tells eunuch to wash hands

Says massage her head, hair, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, sides of nose, neck,

Spend some time

Says put some chocolate on his fingers and softly brush onto her lips

gently lick and kiss it off

spend some time

Says brush honey on her breasts

and slowly lick it off

softy squeeze, massage breasts

play with nipples

spend some time

Says wash off and dry with soft towel

Says she must be thirsty, brush ice on her lips

Says move ice slowly down her chin, cooling then warming by licking, kissing, warming with breath

Says move between her breasts to her navel, kiss navel

Says slowly spread ice and kisses outward from navel

When starts to get closer to pubic mound, change focus to lower

Says slowly move ice down to inside of thighs, cooling, kissing, licking, warming

Done with ice

Says gently begin kiss and nip vaginal lips

Spend time on oral sex.

Says softly apply lube to vagina


spend time

Says use golden vibe on inner thighs

Brush vibe lightly on outer lips

Spend time

The old mans voice slowly fades away and we hear a soft snore.

We hear a younger man whisper Shaheen, Shaheen. It is Amir, your true love. He says The old man has fallen asleep. This morning when the sultans guards took you from the bazaar, I wanted to attack them. I would gladly have given my life, but I knew it would not set you free. This evening I brought the eunuch drugged wine with his meal and took his place. I bribed one of the guards to bring one of the sultans wives to his chambers instead of you.

***Ran out of CS space***


Sensual, soft and sexy with no crudeness. No "talking dirty" The ideas must be expressed with prose.

Must include products we offer.



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