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Before you launch a design contest on 99designs, consider that the world's most successful entrepreneurs, companies, agencies and non-profits prefer crowdSPRING because crowdSPRING offers an easy, effective and quick way to get a professional logo design within your budget. With a 100% money back guarantee, free custom legal contracts and award-winning customer service and community, crowdSPRING can help you with a professional custom design people love. We guarantee you'll be happy.

Logo projects start at $299 $299
Best Value
100% money-back guarantee If you're not completely happy we'll promptly refund all of your money. Promise yes yes
Huge community of designers (?) Tens of thousands of designers from around the world standing by to help with your project. yes yes
Advanced project management tools (?) Sophisticated project management tools that let you focus on getting a great result from your project. yes yes
Private briefs and galleries (?) Ability to include private briefs and require participants to agree to non-disclosure agreements, and private galleries, visible only to the buyer. yes yes
Custom creative briefs (?) Simple, easy to use tools that help you write a custom creative brief for your project. yes yes
Unlimited free focus groups (?) Invite your friends, colleagues, customers and anyone else to vote and comment on their favorite designs in your project. Launch as many private and/or public focus groups as you want. yes yes
Leading intellectual property protections (?) World class and industry leading policies and practices to protect the intellectual property of buyers and creatives. yes no
Pro projects (sophisticated tools) (?) Our Platinum projects let you control everything people see in your project and every individual who can participate in your project. You can invite people from the crowdSPRING community and/or your own freelancers. You can un-invite anyone at any time and terminate their access to the project. You can enable private galleries and require non-disclosure agreements. And of course, you can bring in unlimited collaborators to help you manage your project, create a white labeled mini-site to share the designs with others, and more. yes no
Preferred by the world's best Brands (?) Not a single other site in the industry has done work for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, LG, TiVo, Starbucks, Philips, Forbes, ConAgra, Epic Records, Random House, Dallas Mavericks, Citysearch, Freakonomics, the House Ways and Means Committee, Tony Robbins, Grolsch, Barilla, Dish Network, Economist, Fandango, Doritos, Air New Zealand and countless others. Plus crowdSPRING has helped many of the world's best agencies with creative services for the agencies' clients. yes no
Preferred by customers (?) Don't take our word for it. 96% of crowdSPRING customers recommend crowdSPRING to others for design and naming services. Importantly, we survey our customers every time they talk with our customer service team. We're very proud of the fact that 97% of our customers are happy with our customer service. We guarantee you'll be happy. We promise. yes no
Team project management (?) Invite your friends, colleagues, and clients to help you manage your project. yes no
Average number of designs (?) crowdSPRING projects average 130+ designs from dozens of designers around the world. 50+ 30+

Work with the crowd

Name your own price, then watch as dozens of participants submit ideas and choose your favorite. Our 100% money-back guarantee makes it risk-free!

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Let us match you up with one of our very best Creatives and work 1-to-1 in complete privacy. You'll have all of the same tools and features as our regular projects!

We've helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Here are a few examples.

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Madison Children's MuseumLogo Design

Madison Children's Museum|749 entries in 14 days|Madison Children's Museum (MCM) is an award-winning organization in Madison, Wisconsin that was opening a new facility. They wanted a new logo to build on and modernize their 30 year heritage so they turned to crowdSPRING to help. We delivered 749 options to choose from in 14 short days.|https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.crowdspring.com/images/howitworks/hiw2/projectdetails-museum.gif
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Ziptask "Digital Workforce"Landing Page

Ziptask "Digital Workforce"|93 entries in 12 days|Ziptask offers a US based, on-demand, crowdsourced workforce of virtual office employees. They needed a new landing page design and had very specific requirements and being familiar with the power of crowdsourcing, they turned to crowdSPRING to get the job done! In under 2 weeks our creatives gave them nearly 100 designs to choose from and they selected a fantastic winning entry!|https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.crowdspring.com/images/seo/projectdetails-landing-page-optm.jpg
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Fruzinga Yogurt DrinkPackage Graphics

Fruzinga Yogurt Drink|229 entries in 16 days|Dairy Innovations planned to release a new yogurt drink called Fruzinga and came to crowdSPRING looking for a label design for the packaging. In just 16 days our Creatives submitted 229 designs and Dairy Innovations ultimately awarded 3 distinct and eye-catching designs! |https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.crowdspring.com/images/seo/projectdetails-package-graphics.jpg
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Chuck Palahniuk PosterPrint design

Chuck Palahniuk Poster|417 entries in 14 days|Worldwide publisher Doubleday and author Chuck Palahniuk - the infamous author of Fight Club - wanted a 1950's movie-style poster to catch the eye and arouse the implacable desire to run out and buy Palahniuk's newest book, TELL-ALL!. The crowdSPRING community delivered over 400 amazing designs in a matter of days.|https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.crowdspring.com/images/howitworks/hiw2/projectdetails-chuck.gif

How crowdSPRING works

  1. Tell us what you need.

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  2. The world submits ideas.

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  3. Choose your favorite.

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"I've been in advertising, marketing and PR for 30 years. I've seen lots of "ideas" come and go. I received many more viable options from crowdSPRING than I would have received from my old creative teams of 15 or so people – at a fraction of the cost. It's simple, painless and the results are super."
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"I've been in advertising, marketing and PR for 30 years. I've seen lots of "ideas" come and go. I received many more viable options from crowdSPRING than I would have received from my old creative teams of 15 or so people – at a fraction of the cost. It's simple, painless and the results are super."
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Boyd Blackwood
CEO, Blackwood
and Company, LLC
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Case Study
"I've been in advertising, marketing and PR for 30 years. I've seen lots of "ideas" come and go. I received many more viable options from crowdSPRING than I would have received from my old creative teams of 15 or so people – at a fraction of the cost. It's simple, painless and the results are super."
testimonials 05
"I've been in advertising, marketing and PR for 30 years. I've seen lots of ideas ..."
Boyd Blackwood
CEO, Blackwood
and Company, LLC
A $210 logo design project
90 entries in 12 days
sample entries

Please tell us a little about Mediafly.

Mediafly is a media distribution company that delivers rich media to a broad array of internet-enabled devices including, but not limited to, the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android and Blackberry smart phones, and set-top TV devices.

Why did you decide to use crowdSPRING?

Mediafly needed a logo to help brand the business. Although we had the capability inhouse to create a new logo, we decided to post our project on crowdSPRING. We're a small company. I have programmers that have design capability, but when one of my best developers is working on a graphic design project, their resources aren't being used somewhere else.

Was your crowdSPRING project successful?

Yes! During our 12 day project on crowdSPRING, Mediafly received 90 custom logo designs from 20 different designers around the world. We ultimately selected the logo that you see in the video.

How many other projects have you posted on crowdSPRING?

Over the past year, Mediafly has posted 9 other projects on crowdSPRING.

How has crowdSPRING improved your business?

I don't think we would be able to operate as a rapidly growing technology company without crowdSPRING.

testimonials 01
"We would not be able to continue operating as a growing technology company without crowdSPRING."
Carson V. Conant
CEO, Mediafly
A $400 print design project
73 entries in 11 days
sample entries

Please tell us a little about you and Networlding.

Networlding is a social media consulting, coaching, implementation and integration firm. Based on our best-selling book on the science of networks, Networlding has grown over the last eight years into a thought leader in the social media space. I've authored 11 books in the last 15 years - four of them have been best sellers.

Why did you decide to use crowdSPRING?

I was working with a co-author on a book for college undergrads and graduates to help them get "Smart Starts" in life by learning and leveraging the tools of LinkedIn. We were looking for a book cover that would appeal to our readers. We posted the project on crowdSPRING because the cost is certainly very reasonable and because I love the creative collaboration that results.

Was your crowdSPRING project successful?

There is no experience like crowdSPRING and I am now a huge fan. During our 11 day project on crowdSPRING, we received 73 cover designs from 10 different designers around the world. I've posted other projects on crowdSPRING and crowdSPRING has delivered every time.

testimonials 02
"For everything that I do, I would go to crowdSPRING first. I think it's the best process out there."
Melissa Giovagnoli
Founder/CEO, Networlding
Graymills Corp.
A $600 logo design project
76 entries in 7 days
sample entries

Please tell us a little about Graymills.

Graymills is a 70 year old company. We manufacture numerous products for moving and conditioning liquids, including: pumps, inking systems, and related equipment for the printing industry, parts washers, and industrial pumps.

Why did you decide to use crowdSPRING?

We wanted some art work for our 70th anniversary and wanted a logo for each of our product lines. We wanted a logo inspired by old art deco posters and wanted to integrate our corporate colors into the designs.

Was your crowdSPRING project successful?

Absolutely. During our 7 day project on crowdSPRING, Graymills received 76 custom logo designs from 23 different designers around the world. In fact, we added a second award to the project because we wanted to buy one of the designs for our corporate logo.

How was your overall experience with crowdSPRING?

You get such a wide variety of designs. crowdSPRING was easy to use, the cost was very fair, and the people were wonderful. In fact, I'm on the board of various companies and I've suggested that they all use crowdSPRING for graphic design.

testimonials 03
"You get such a wide variety of designs. The site was easy to use and the cost was very fair."
Craig Shields
President, Graymills Corp.
Bolster Security
$2800 (2 awards) logo and stationery design
489 entries in 15 days
sample entries

Please tell us a little about Bolster Security.

Bolster is a startup, providing home security systems and commercial security solutions. The company was formed in May 2010 through the acquisitions of SafeMart.com and Able Security, Inc., both with over 30 years of history in the security industry.

Why did you decide to use crowdSPRING?

We needed to create a brand for our new startup. I chose crowdSPRING because it was the easiest service to use for a non-technical person like myself. If you've used other online services - crowdSPRING is one of the easiest.

Was your crowdSPRING project successful?

Our project on crowdSSPRING was immensely successful. During our 15 day project on crowdSPRING, Bolster received 489 custom logo and stationery designs from 126 different designers around the world.

How was your overall experience with crowdSPRING?

crowdSPRING is the easiest service to use to get the best quantity and quality of designs from an outstanding creative community. I've now posted three projects on crowdSPRING and have had a lot of success in getting great ideas back in a timely manner. I would rate the overall experience as outstanding. Ten out of ten.

testimonials 04
"Our experience with crowdSPRING was outstanding. Ten out of ten. Couldn't have been better."
R. Brad Morehead
President, Bolster Security
"I have been quite impressed with the whole process and your attention to detail. By comparison to the conventional single-hire-at-time-of-need-artist-process that we have gone thru in the past – crowdSPRING ROCKS!!!"
testimonials 06
"I have been quite impressed with the whole process and your attention to detail ..."
David Bigelow
CEO, Simplified
Logic, Inc.
"We love your site and had a wonderful experience.  I have been telling everyone I know about crowdSPRING....I think it is such a brilliant concept and it works so well!"
testimonials 08
"We love your site and had a wonderful experience.  I have been telling ..."
Muffie Meyer
Director, Middlemarch
Films, Inc.
"crowdSPRING offered me an unparalled opportunity to work with graphic artists all over the world. I was very happy with the quality of the work, the interactive process and most of all the great outcome. I have worked with many graphic arts companies and know the value of this work. I was greatly surprised by the results and now am a real believer in the work that crowdSPRING is doing."
testimonials 09
"crowdSPRING offered me an unparalled opportunity to work with graphic ..."
Helen Doria
Helen Doria

What our customers say

  • "We would not be able to continue operating as a growing technology company without crowdSPRING."
  • "For everything that I do, I would go to crowdSPRING first. I just think it's the best process out there."
  • "You get such a wide variety of designs. The site was easy to use and the cost was very fair."
  • "Our experience with crowdSPRING was outstanding. Ten out of ten. Couldn't have been better."
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Money Back Guarantee


The world's best entrepreneurs and companies prefer crowdSPRING. Here's why: you'll have more choice, pay less and work with some of the most talented designers in the world. With our 100% money back guarantee, custom legal contracts and award-winning customer service, crowdSPRING offers a proven, fast, and risk-free way to buy custom design at affordable prices.

  • Typical project gets 110+ entries How many entries will I get?
    The typical project gets a whopping 110+ entries. How's that for choice?
  • Thousands of satisfied clients What do others say about crowdSPRING?
    crowdSPRING is the #1 marketplace in the world for crowdsourced graphic, web, industrial design and writing services. Over 32,500 entrepreneurs, small businesses, Brands and agencies worldwide have posted projects on crowdSPRING. 96% of our clients recommend crowdSPRING to others.
  • 127,000+ designers & writers How large is the crowdSPRING community?
    More than 127,000 designers and writers from nearly 200 countries work on crowdSPRING. It's no wonder that crowdSPRING is the most trusted marketplace in the world for crowdsourced creative services.
  • We guarantee your money back What's your guarantee?
    Your money back. We're proud to offer a money back guarantee. If you're not completely happy with your design or writing project, or if your naming project doesn't receive at least 100 entries, we'll refund your awards and our 15% project fee - your only cost is the listing fee and any options you choose. Promise.

    We offer this guarantee because we know you'll find an entry (typically multiple entries) that you'll be thrilled with. And we're so sure that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.
  • Recommended by 96% of customers Are crowdSPRING customers happy with the service?
    In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 96% of crowdSPRING customers surveyed said that they would recommend crowdSPRING to their friends, family and colleagues. crowdSPRING is the most trusted crowdsourcing marketplace in the world for graphic design, web design, industrial design and writing services and we work hard every day to make sure that we continue to earn that trust.

Frequently asked questions

How is crowdSPRING different from 99designs?

When it comes to designing a business logo, crowdSPRING and 99designs are very different. If you need some ideas about the types of projects you can post, take a look at 99 designs you can crowd source on crowdSPRING. You can also request a free design consultation - just look for the link in the top menu on any page on the site.

From the start, we designed and nurtured crowdSPRING to be the best marketplace and creative community in the world. Get a design you;ll love - guaranteed. crowdSPRING offers logo design, web design & more! Find out why we're the fastest growing design marketplace in the world. crowdSPRING has one of the largest creative communities on the planet (140,000+ graphic designers, web designers, industrial designers and writers). crowdSPRING offers more choice per project (an average of 145+ concepts per project). That's more choice than you'll get on 99 designs. We let you set your own price and your own schedule. We handle all the details, including escrow and payment, project management tools, and even give you a free customized legal agreement to protect your purchase. We have custom project briefs in every category on our site - to help you write a strong brief to guide the people working on your project.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses from nearly 100 countries have leveraged crowdSPRING's design marketplace for custom logo design, web design, business cards, icon design, WordPress themes, stationery design, brochure design, print & packaging, t-shirt design, banner adds, and other types of custom graphic design, and writing projects. And you won't worry about quality. In fact, here's one difference that truly sets us apart from 99designs and others: we've been fortunate to work with the world's best agencies and Brands, including Philips, Starbucks, LG, Barilla, ConAgra, Forbes, Tivo, and many more. Some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, including Guy Kawasaki, Tony Robbins, and many others rely on crowdSPRING for their creative needs. There's a reason we're the most trusted crowdsourcing marketplace on the planet - we've won WIRED's Small Business Award, have been nominated for a Webby for best services each year we've been in business, and won American Business Award's Stevie award in 2009 for Best Product/Service (we were a finalist, with four other companies in 2010, for best e-commerce site).

Why is crowdSPRING's customer service better?

Like Zappos, we’re building a culture where extraordinary customer service is the norm. People say that imitation is a form of flattery – and we think Zappos does customer service better than nearly anyone on the planet. We believe that happiness is helping others and that helping is happiness. Thousands of our customers have let us know how much they’ve benefited from our approach to customer service. Don’t take just our word. crowdSPRING has been consistently awarded for our innovation in this field more than any other marketplace in the industry. Some of our honors include being named the Wired Magazine Small Business of the Year, being a two-time Official Honoree of the Webby Awards for Best Services and Applications, being an Official Nominee for the Webby Award for Best Community and receiving the American Business Award's Stevie for Best Product/Service. Our blog is also ranked by AdAge as one of theTop 150 marketing blogs in the world. But our greatest honor is a simple fact: more than 96% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and business associates. Don't wait - request a design consultation today or post your project if you're ready.

99designs.com offers a generic contract template. Why is crowdSPRING's custom agreement better?

Other marketplaces like 99design, if they do anything at all, just give you a generic form agreement and leave you on your own to figure it out. How does a generic agreement from 99design help you? We’ve built a sophisticated system of dynamic legal agreements that take into account the country you’re from and the country that the winning creative is from. Each legal agreement is customized to your project. And we don’t charge you a penny extra for this – it’s all part of our project fee.

How does crowdSPRING's protection of intellectual property differ from 99 designs?

crowdSPRING respects intellectual property – this is one of our core values as a company (before co-founding crowdSPRING, one of the founders spent 13 years as an attorney focusing on the protection of intellectual property, for clients around the world). We don’t just talk about it – we’ve spent an incredible amount of time building tools, policies and procedures to help us. If you’re interested in the details, please take a look at this post: How Does crowdSPRING Protect Intellectual Property? Our commitment to the protection of intellectual property is one reason why many of the world's best agencies and Brands regularly post projects on crowdSPRING - and nowhere else.

How does crowdSPRING help its designers and writers learn?

We’re not just a marketplace. We’re a community, and our commitment to this community extends into numerous areas, including education. Our designers establish customer relationships, build their portfolios, earn money, and help each other. For example, our community has collaborated on numerous guides to help others, we spend a great deal of time collaborating, educating and learning in the forums, and we’re proud to share helpful resources not just with our community but with designers around the world. We share with our community awesome design resources through our Twitter account and in our forums and blog (a top 50 AdAge blog). We’re shared with our community and everyone in the world two free e-books (Contracts for Graphic Designers who Hate Contracts and Contracts For Software Developers Who Hate Contracts) to help designers and developers with their freelance legal contracts.

How does crowdSPRING differ from 99designs when projects are refunded?

Unlike 99designs, crowdSPRING doesn't merely issue refunds in the rare cases where customers would like to exercise their right to a refund. Also unlike 99 designs, we don't require you to call or make you wait for days to get a refund. crowdSPRING also has established a pool of funds that rewards designers for great quality work - and every month, one or a multiple designers receive big crowdSPRING awards for high quality and good citizenship.

Why has crowdSPRING established minimums in projects?

We are building a community of the most talented creatives on the planet. In 2008 we set what we thought were reasonable minimum prices for projects in all categories. Our hope was that “market pressure” and our community would together establish the actual awards that buyers offered on their projects. Buyers sometimes ask for too much and offer too little. We want every buyer on crowdSPRING to walk away thrilled with their designs and our community. We recognize that some people will use a generic business logo creator or logo maker to create a business logo. Some will even look for free logos or try to find a free software logo creator or generator. This is nearly always a huge mistake because you compromise your brand by having an amateur logo. We want each of our customers to be successful, and we want company logo designers to feel that a project is worth participating in. In some categories, our minimums are a bit higher than other marketplaces like 99designs, but we've found that the higher minimums are necessary for our clients to get the best quality work. We've adjusted our minimums over the past few years to levels we believe are fair to buyers and creatives. It's one reason we have the best creative team on the planet.

After tens of thousands of projects, we've found that businesses looking to spend less than the minimums won't be happy with the results - and if they insist on spending less despite our advice, we often recommend they post elsewhere, including on www.99designs.com.

Does crowdSPRING offer features not available on 99desings?

Yes. We've already discussed our customized legal agreements, sophisticated project management and communication tools, and our world class customer service. There's much more.

Almost from the day we launched, many companies, brands, and advertising agencies have asked us if we can give them privacy features and greater control over projects. Importantly, these features are unique to crowdSPRING - they are not available on any marketplace in the world - including on 99design. If you are an agency, you’re worried that your campaign may leak out before its time. If you are a brand, you’re worried that the competition may get a peek at what you’re up to. Pro projects offer a great way to crowdsource product or packaging design, or a way to leverage our community without letting the general public see what you’re up to until you’re ready. Pro projects are automatically added to our robots exclusion list so that they are not profiled in search engines. We’ve built a dynamic system of non-disclosure agreements to let you screen creatives before they are permitted to participate in your project. Creatives will see a public description of the project and must agree to a non-disclosure agreement before they are permitted to see the full project brief and materials. You'll decide whether the galleries in Pro projects are open or closed.

Buyers have full control over access to their Pro project. This is something you won't find on 99 logos. They can admit participants automatically after a non-disclosure agreement is signed or can decide on a case-by-case basis. And once participants are admitted to a project, they can be removed by the buyer and added back at any time. Buyers can decide whether creatives can see one another’s entries and comments (including the buyer’s comments to other creatives). Pro projects can last up to 30 days. And Pro projects have all of the great features we offer in standard projects, including: customized legal agreements, full project management tools, robust notifications, great customer service, etc.

How does crowdSPRING help buyers communicate with designers and writers?

We’ve built useful tools to help you communicate with the crowdSPRING community. After you post your project, we list it on our site, send emails, and inform people via RSS. You can public or private message any user or group of users in the community, and will be able to communicate with anyone either publicly or privately. We’ve also built tools to let you communicate with everyone participating in your project - these tools set us apart from all our competitors, including 99design. And each step of the way, we inform others when there’s a comment or message waiting for them (each user can set customized notification preferences).

How does crowdSPRING help buyers manage their projects?

The entire project is fully managed right on our site and we give you the tools to make this easy. We help you fill in our online design brief and choose how much you'll pay. Our designers compete to win your award(s). They submit designs and you give them feedback. You can easily sort or filter the entries as they come in, provide feedback and score, ask for iterations, send public or private messages, create updates to your project brief, upload files to share with the participating creatives, ask your customers to come vote for their favorites, and much more. Even the project wrap-up takes place on our site. At the end of the project after you pick your winner, you’ll complete the project on our site. The winning creative will upload proofs for your final tweaks/comments and then will upload the final files with your favorite designs. We even take care of paying the winning creative(s) on your behalf after you approve the final files.

Does crowdSPRING have a reputation system for members of the crowdSPRING community?

We’ve developed a two-way reputation system with relevant information to help you decide whether to work with a particular creative or buyer. At the end of every project, we ask the buyer and designer to rate each other on a variety of factors and to provide a short written narrative about the project. This reputation system helps buyers and creatives on crowdSPRING to make informed decisions.

Is crowdSPRING's creative community more sophisticated and experienced than on 99designs?

Yes. crowdSPRING was the first design marketplace in the world to move beyond the design of mere logos and t-shirts. While the crowdsourced design of simple items like logos and t-shirts is undoubtedly popular, we are the only marketplace that has advanced the tools of our trade and pioneered this model in countless other areas ranging from packaging design and actual industrial (product) design to 21 different categories of copywriting, including company naming, taglines, technical writing, website, blog and even newsletter content. While this may sound like a trivial and simple expansion of categories, the truth is that it's not - and is precisely why we're the only site that covers this breadth of work - you won't find this breadth of project categories on 99 designs. The recruitment, cultivation and retention of a group of talented creatives across this many fields has been years of work and we have no intention of stopping now. We hosted a product design project to design an actual cell phone for electronics giant LG. We hosted two industrial design projects to design both pasta and food packaging for Barilla. We hosted a project for Doritos to design the tractor trailers that they use to deliver their chips. We even hosted a writing project to craft the new safety message to give to passengers over the intercom of outgoing Air New Zealand flights. These projects and thousands like them have shown that we continue to innovate in areas of the creative community that no one has ever attempted before.