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We are a coffee and tea company. One of our signature products is our "Zodiac Tea" line which is a line of twelve different blends of loose leaf teas, each blended to its own zodiac sign. You may visit http://www.jahostore.com/collections/zod... to find out more about the teas.

We need a label design for "Zodiac Tea" which is a line of twelve different teas, based on the twelve different signs of the Zodiac. The labels will be 3" wide by 4" high and they can share the same design with the same "Zodiac Tea" logo with the only difference between them being an illustration of the Zodiac sign (eg. Scorpio, Aquarius etc). The labels will be used on tea tins and also for bottled teas. The illustration of the zodiac signs must be visible (big) and easy to tell apart. We are looking for original, creative takes on the zodiac signs that will make the product stand out on store shelves.

Each zodiac sign label should have a 15 word description of the tea. For the design this can just be dummy text. The zodiac signs themselves may include the type or you may just rely on the illustration. The labels should also include a "Net Weight. oz" and "Ingredients:" descriptor.

Tea drinkers, coffee and tea houses and gift buyers are our audience. While this is a new product, most people will instantly recognize their signs so it must play into their curiosity.

Try searching for "Rishi Tea", "Mighty Leaf" and "Numi Tea", all three brands feature designs we like.

With "Zodiac Tea" being the primary brand, please pay special attention to its design since it will also be featured by itself outside of the labels to advertise the teas. It should be easy to read, unique and recognizable.



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