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Zing! , is innovative mobile technology that allows users to send and receive money , instantly ,anywhere in the world ! A Zing! account holder has a (Zing it !) application loaded on their mobile phone and by simply entering another Zinger's mobile phone number and a security code the money can literally be accessed instantly 24/7 . Zing accounts are supported by a mastercard / Visa debit card and money placed on a Zing account can be accessed by thousands of atm's around the world or used to make purchases wherever mc & Visa are accepted . * No more expensive wires. * No more wasted time finding a location to send money * No more time spent waiting for your money to post . With Zing! its instant money movement ! For a fraction of the cost of the way money has been traditionally moved . Zing seeks to be viewed as the new and fun way to send money. Zing wants to revolutionize the way people view money movement . In the past , the thought of sending money in small denominations was inconceivable because of the cost typically associated with wiring money . with Zing its less than your typical atm fee compared to up to 30% of the money your sending with some services . We invision fun colors , possibly a phone incorporated in the logo maybe , something to suggest money movement , but our audience is typically 16 -40 yrs old . The logo must capture the essence of fun , and neccessity .



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