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We work as jewelry and fashion designer. After designing we produce our designs. So we sell jewelry and fashion products. And our audiences are mostly young wemen and overally all women.


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Top 3 Things

Simplicity, Artistic, International


Zimara means "Adorn the Earth". So I'll be happy if my logo has an item refers to the earth and shows my purpose to have an international brand.
Also it should have an item for showing the concept "adorn". There is a suggestion but it's not necessary. This items could be a sketch of a woman (or parts of her face) with long skirt that her skirt covers parts of the earth. This suggestion is because our brand works professionally for women. Women are the symbol of beauty and we want to beautify the world("Ardorn the Earth").
There is another suggestion, designers can work on "Z"(in all shapes of it) or "Zi". My name starts with it and because of that it can use in design to show Z is covering the world. Also in some fonts Z could be imagined like a skirt(refer to the first suggestion).
I don't want to see exact items of jewelry like rings, gem stones, ...

Additional Info

Simplicity is very important for us, and also following our concept. Our brand works in different parts of fashion(jewelry, clothing, makeup) and the logo shoud have general concept of beautifying.
We need Vector file format such as .AI and .EPS.
In the next part we will upload some examples of simple sketches that had isnpired us and can be used as source of inspiration for designers.



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