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YES! Spaces is a new venture of Barbara Miller Design, LLC (BarbaraMillerDesign.com). YES! Spaces is currently the name of our Workshops to help parents design with children in mind. In the next couple of months we will be rolling out a new web site & blog with on-line retail focused on childrens furnishings. The concept behind YES! Spaces is to create spaces where all members of the family are included and honored in the design process. The workshops teach parents how to include children in the design process and create rooms that focus on a childs interests and talents rather than a theme. We want to improve the quality of a familys life by designing spaces that foster connection as well as creating environments that engage children to explore their potential.

We are also working with educators and child-centered businesses to help them brand their business through interior/space design.

Because YES! Spaces by itself does not convey anything about interior design we have also been using the subtitle Design with Children in Mind and would like to see that or something similar included in the logo.


We need a strong simple logo that demonstrates the positive feelings and energy that YES! Spaces are intended to provide. We will use the logo on business cards, stationary, the website and as part of branding our workshop presentations. As we launch the retail furnishings site we will also use the logo as part of the shipping and packaging.

The logo will be used in print media, audio visual media, and on the web.

The logo must be in Adobe Illustrator file format (.ai) for CS3 or CS4. The final submissions must have all layers fully editable. ALL graphics MUST be vectors. Preliminary work in .jpg format is acceptable, but final must be in .ai format. Use 300 DPI minimum. Flatten all fonts that are not freely available, but identify source of font.

The logo should be no more than 3 colors (no bright primary childish colors). When used on boxes, the logo may be black or grey tone and should still be legible.


Our target market is usually older parents and sometimes grandparents 30-45 primarily women.

They live in suburban or family friendly urban areas. Family is a core value in their life. They are interested in using us because they want to support their children in every possible way and want their home to be a positive place for their entire family. We are very different from other childrens designers or childrens furnishings retailers because we focus on the child not just the aesthetic. A well-designed space is still very important to us because we believe beauty is inspirational and comforting but we do not believe in traditional childrens themes. If our rooms have a theme it is based around engaging an interest a child already has with items that will make them curious to learn more, try more, discover more.

Our clients believe in alternative education, private education, or research the best public schools in their area and locate there to provide the best education for their children.

The children we work with are usually 2-14. We will have nursery ideas and furnishings on our retail site but our concept is designed for families who have children older enough to interact and be part of the design process (answer questions, draw, etc.)

We create a nurturing environment for our families and help them build POSITIVE connections and would like the ideas of connection, respect, and inclusiveness to be represented clearly in our logo.


Because we are a design based business photos are frequently part of our marketing materials so a simple logo is preferable. Our logo should not fight with any type of room, furnishing or idea we are choosing to showcase.

In some of our early marketing we have used photos of actual children on the grass spelling out the word YES! which received a wonderful response. We are all about real children (and respect for them as individuals), no cartoons, nothing silly.

We prefer a simple clean font that is compatable with Adobe Illustrator CS3/4.

We have been using colors similar to Pantone 2707 blue and Pantone 4715 brown but are open to your ideas.

Other logos we like: (but we know ours might need to be simpler)







1) It is important that the exclamation point be after the YES! and to date we have always capitalized the YES! but we do not want to limit how you would create this logo other than asking you to include the exclamation point

2) The logo file must be in full editable layers for Adobe Illustrator CS3 or CS4. The extension must be .ai or equivalent. We use the full suite of Adobe programs, Minimum 300 DPI. CMYK and RGB versions.

3) ALL graphics must be in vectors. NO raster graphics. All graphics must be original.

4) All legal rights to the design must be transferred to us on final payment.

5) The design vision is about the whole family, and NOT just children or things solely associated with children. It is about inclusiveness, and commonality, and respect for each family member. It is also a positive, uplifting feeling of empowerment that YES! Spaces is striving for.

Dont think theme park, playground or toy store think artists, scientists, explorers and family connection, and POSITIVE!



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