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My company specializes in supplying information to DIY Auto Enthusiasts that want to extract more performance from there vehicles. We try not to just "sell parts" but offer insight, instruction and direction on how people can do for themself what most are afraid to attempt to do.

I need a Logo that signifies a DIY Attitude, based around altering, tuning, changing, "chipping" or re-working the insides of the Engine Computer (mostly specific to Honda/Acura automobiles right now, but slowly branching into other makes/models) and controlling fuel delivery and ignition (spark).

I like simple and clean, but effective and memorable. I would like the logo to work well with a vinyl sticker (2 tone) like you would see on a car, an Embroidered Shirt or Vinyl T-Shirt so gradiants or multiple colors are a no no. Blue or Green have become the theme on my website so far, but I am open to ideas.

The website and company name is Xenocron Tuning Solutions (www.xenocron.com) and we also advertise and post on many Honda/Acura specific forums. Like the title says, we provide solutions, not just products, and I would like the logo to reflect that. Also, Xenocron doesn't mean anything specific...just a name I came up with a while ago and it stuck. I have no idea what it actually means :)



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