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I have been trying to re-design this logo for a year now. I have gone through several different designers and I haven't seen the right one yet. So, this platform is perfect for me, where I can see different designers submitting several concepts.

You can view our current logo at www.xendexpress.com. I hate it! I don't like the icon next to the text, I like logos that are more text based. I also don't like the font of the text, it looks so generic, like I could have found that on some free font site.

The name of the company is pronounced as "SEND" NOT X-end.

Our company is a courier company and we offer next generation courier services to our clients. We want to be seen as trendsetters and next generation.

I am looking for a simple logo, yet it must be sleek, modern/futuristic, and eye-catching.

I would prefer to keep the existing colors, turquoise-ish blue and gray. But, I am open to new color palettes, but the turquoise-ish blue must stay.

I would also prefer more rounded corners and lowercase letters but I am also open to something different as long as it simple, sleek, modern/futuristic, and eye-catching.

LIke I said above, I like more text-based logos. But, I dont want it to look like it was just downloaded from some free font site. The text should be customized somehow to make it look not generic.

I would also prefer that the letter X be customized in a way where it can be used separately as an icon but be careful that if you do this that the logo does not look cohesive and reads X-end. If this is not possible, then I am open to just having one cohesive logo.

I attached to logos that I like. I like the pino logo because its simple yet there is a little customization in the letter i. But ignore the icon becaue I would prefer there be no icons in our logo.

I like the meetica logo because the letter m can be used alone as an icon yet you can easily read it as meetica.

I like the estores logo because of the customization of the letters es to amke it look like a shopping cart and it is also readable and you can use the es shopping cart as an icon by itself.

I like the advantis logo because the text is customized to match it's slogan, where the letters are connected to eachother. But again, ignore the icon.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I love questions.



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